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Maximize Your Life and Business With Honor, Courage, and Commitment

My Mission: Build the Few to Impact the Many

Do you put pressure on yourself to be a better leader, find greater purpose, and create results without sacrificing your happiness? Few are actually willing to do the hard work day in and day out to get what they want.

I’m here to tell you that YOU decide your future results EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

Every choice you make has led you to where you are now. If you want to live a rich, dynamic life and you’re NOT living it now, you need to make new choices.

Not just for you, for everyone you cross paths with…whether that’s customers, your team, the people you love, or complete strangers.

To be a better leader and become ONE OF THE FEW®, you have to first lead yourself…with discipline, courage, and a commitment to become a positive, driven force for good.

Only then will you be able to make a bigger impact with respect and truly know you’ve made a difference in the world by the results you can confidently deliver.

Now that’s an honorable life.

Live Committed

Here’s the cold hard truth…no one cares about your results like you do. No one else will give you permission to go after what you want in life or business and no one else can decide what will make you happy.

It is all on YOU! And nothing will change unless you do!

You have to be the first to step up to the plate and lead the charge. Let other’s learn from your example.

As Maya Angelou said “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” 

That means getting uncomfortable, learning what you need to learn, being open to change, and pushing in ways you’ve never pushed before.

If you want better retention, engagement, and leadership within your company, you have to give them a powerful reason to stay and be loyal.

And if you, yourself, want to be a better leader and a lean machine that leaves people better than when you found them, you have to build the mental toughness, compassion, and strength to fight the good fight.

In the Marine Corps, we have two primary missions: 1) Protect and advance our nation’s ideals, and 2) Humanitarianism. It’s individuals for a collective cause for the greater good. When you build the individual, you can collectively win the war.

It’s how I live my life and how I can help you!


The biggest obstacle for most people is how they think about themselves, their life, and opportunities.

It’s critical you feed your mind with tools to move you closer to the results you’re craving.

When you can train your mind with laser focus like a sniper, you can achieve anything you set your mind to.


Don’t fool yourself…your team is full of I’s.

In the Marine Corps, they build the individual as they build the team. You will only be as strong and get the results of the capabilities and mindset of your weakest team member.

As we build you into better leaders, you’ll have the ability to to conquer any challenge…together.


High performers know the keys to success lie in the fundamentals.

To attract and retain top talent, you have to show you care about your people and they will care about your results.

Loyalty and respect have to be earned. Only then will you hit the metrics you desire.

A rising tide lifts ALL boats.


Ready to Become One of the Few?

I’m here to help you build for respect and results!

No man or woman left behind!

Ready to become “One of the Few®”?

    Imagine stepping into a world where your confidence is unshakeable, and clarity is your constant companion. Whether facing opportunities or tackling challenges, you’re always GAME ON! This is about earning respect through a life and business fueled by passion and impactful action. It’s about experiencing a level of fulfillment and happiness beyond your wildest dreams.

    As the powerful leader you were destined to be, you’ll empower and inspire, while reveling in more adventure, more fun, and boundless freedom.

    I offer a range of paths to elevate you to this next level. From power-packed sessions and exclusive VIP days to immersive long-term commitments, we tailor our journey to what ignites your fastest transformation.

    Ready to discover if we’re a perfect match? Let’s connect over a call and chart the best course forward for you. Your extraordinary journey awaits!

    Power Hour Plus+ | One of the Few | Tami McVay | Marine Veteran | High Performance Mentor

    The BrandPulse: Personal Brand Audit includes:

    • Intake Form
    • Personalized Video Audit delivered to your inbox
    • Actionable Audit Summary

    Your investment: $197


    Personal Brand Audit

    Are you ready to take your personal brand to the next level?

    Introducing BrandPulse: Personal Brand Audit. With over 20 years in website development and a decade crafting my own personal online presence, I offer you a service that goes beyond the surface, delving into every corner of your digital footprint.

    From Facebook to LinkedIn, YouTube to Instagram, and everywhere in between, I’ll leave no stone unturned in uncovering insights that will elevate your brand to new heights.

    Through a personalized video audit, you’ll receive actionable strategies helping you stand out in a crowded digital landscape.

    You’ll receive powerful insights, such as:

    • Optimization of your social media profiles for maximum impact
    • Insights on content quality and engagement levels
    • Recommendations for enhancing your personal brand messaging
    • Analysis of your authenticity and energetic appeal
    • Identify your greatest opportunity

    And the best part? This isn’t a one-time deal.

    With BrandPulse, you can schedule regular audits to track your progress and refine your brand strategy over time.

    Stop blending in when you can stand out!


    Power Hour Plus+ | One of the Few | Tami McVay | Marine Veteran | High Performance Mentor

    The Power Hour PLUS+ includes:

    • 60 min. video call
    • Recording of our session
    • 7 days of unlimited email/text support after our call

    Your investment: $297


    Your Strategic Accelerator

    Feeling in a rut or on the edge of something brilliant? Looking to make a leap but need a sounding board? Seeking to streamline your processes to gain back precious time? Unsure if you’re making the right tech moves? Or maybe you’re just in need of a straightforward, no-nonsense nudge in the right direction?

    These are the crossroads where professionals like you find invaluable insights with me.

    In our POWER HOUR PLUS+, we dive deep, fast. This isn’t just a chat – it’s a strategic, high-octane session designed to break barriers and ignite action. You’ll come away with crystal-clear clarity, actionable steps, and an energized spirit to tackle your challenges.

    As a Marine, ‘Oscar Mike‘ – on the move – is my mantra. Let’s bring that dynamic energy to your journey. We’ll cut through the noise, hone in on your personal brand’s unique strengths, and set a course for unmistakable impact and efficiency.

    This is your moment for rapid progress and transformation. Let’s get you moving with purpose and precision!

    Personal Brand Consulting | One of the Few | Tami McVay | Marine Veteran | High Performance Mentor


    • 1-on-1 personalized consulting
    • Current brand audit and big vision review
    • 10 – 60 min. video calls
    • Recording of our sessions
    • Your own copy of my proprietary guide “The Empowered Brand: Your Personal Playbook to a Standout Identity
    • Unlimited email/text support

    Your investment: $3997


    Your Fast Track to Unforgettable Presence

    I believe everyone is a personal brand, whether you actively nurture it or ignore it. Every step you take, every move you make – you’re crafting your personal brand.

    It’s not just about what you do; it’s about the unforgettable mark you leave behind. The question is: Are you shaping a brand that stands out, or are you fading into the background?

    Whether you’re climbing the corporate ladder, building your entrepreneurial empire, or creating a movement, a robust and distinctive personal brand can open doors to incredible opportunities. It’s about turning heads, capturing attention, and leaving your mark – not just visually and strategically, but emotionally, ensuring people never forget the positive impact you’ve made on them.

    That is personal leadership.

    But let’s face it, standing out can feel like walking a tightrope with the world watching, waiting for a misstep. That’s where I come in. I build the person behind the personal brand  Together, we’ll forge a mindset of iron – banishing doubts and keeping your eyes on the prize. I’m not just here to polish your external brand and guide your positioning; I’m here to strengthen the warrior within. That’s how your true power shines through, setting you up for respect and remarkable results.

    This 10-week one-on-one coaching program is my treasure trove of insights and tools – everything I wished I had on my journey and more. It’s a whirlwind of checklists, cutting-edge software, AI prompts, and transformative journaling – trust me, it’s exhilarating stuff!

    We’re talking a perfect blend of mindset fortification, strategic mastery, and tactical genius.

    It’s time to unleash your potential and showcase your unique gifts to the world. Isn’t it time you stop blending in and stand out as the leader you were born to be?

    Marine for a Month | One of the Few | Tami McVay | Marine Veteran | High Performance Mentor

    In this intensive, application-only “Marine For A Month” program, you’ll receive:

      • Daily One-on-One Support: Tailored strategies, real-time problem-solving, and unyielding motivation, every single day.
      • Weekly Deep Dives: We’ll dissect your progress, recalibrate strategies, and keep you laser-focused on your target.
      • 24/7 Support: I’ve go your six, ready for any challenge, any time. This is total commitment, Marine style.
      • Comprehensive Implementation: From personal branding to launching your next big venture, we don’t just plan – we execute.

      Your investment: $20,000


      Your High-Octane Path to Unprecedented Success

      Ready for a mission unlike any other? “Marine For A Month” is not just a program; it’s an experience, a commitment, a transformative journey designed for those who dare to make giant leaps.

      If you feel the NEED for SPEED, “Marine For A Month” is your VIP ticket to achieving monumental goals at a pace you never thought possible.

      Imagine having a Marine by your side, every step, every day, for an entire month. I’m Tami McVay, bringing the discipline, focus, and relentless drive of my Marine Corps experience directly to your biggest goals. This is where we break barriers, where your aspirations aren’t just dreams – they become your reality.

      This is high-value, high-touch mentorship designed for those ready to invest in their most ambitious goals. It’s more than coaching and consulting – it’s a partnership in your success, a commitment to your growth, and a high-speed chase towards your potential.

      “Marine For A Month” is for the bold, the ambitious, the ones who are ready to transform. Are you?

      Coach + Mentor + Project Manager + Drill Instructor = There are no limits to what we can accomplish together!

      Applications are now open, but spots are as exclusive as the program. If you’re ready to enlist in a life-changing month, apply today. Let’s embark on this mission together – and make this month the turning point of your life.

      Tami with Laptop | One of the Few | Tami McVay | Marine Veteran | High Performance Mentor

      Your investment: Varies by project


      Your Trusted Personal Leadership Advisor

      Embarking on a long-term project or striving towards a significant goal, either personally or with your team? The journey to success is not just about the destination, but also about having a guide who understands the terrain.

      In the realm of transformation and expertise, the role of a trusted advisor cannot be overstated. With me by your side, guiding and holding you accountable, your path to success becomes clearer and more attainable.

      Leveraging my proprietary One of the Few® Success System, we will collaboratively uncover the most effective route to your goals, focusing on strategies that deliver rapid and meaningful results.

      Since every goal and project is unique, let’s start with a conversation to tailor a winning strategy specifically for you. Together, we’ll map out the journey to your triumph