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Wellness & Lifestyle Coaching for “Real” Life…

You’re a woman with a to-do list that’s longer than your favorite wine list. Somewhere on that list is a workout and buy some veggies at the grocery store.

You try to do the things you know you should for yourself. It isn’t always easy. You’re busy, overwhelmed, and it simply feels like “one more thing” to do.

You’ll get to it when things lighten up…

Maybe THEN you’d have some free time to focus on yourself and that secret dream of what you thought life would be like.

Instead, you’re left with going through the motions in a job that pays the bills and a little luxury. Stressed out. Tired. Irritated with your boss. Looking forward to your next vacation.

(Sweet baby Jesus, that glass of wine is going to hit the spot tonight!)

I get it.

You’re overwhelmed. You don’t want to hire a personal trainer that looks like Jillian Michaels since that’s not you and you don’t want to hire a nutritionist who’s a skinny yogi vegan because she’s just going to tell you to eat more broccoli.

You like food.  You want to look good.  You want to be fulfilled.  It shouldn’t have to be so hard, right?!

Tami McVay - Wellness & Lifestyle Coach

Work With Me

I specialize in helping people who feel unsatisfied with their life and crave something more.

Through my PROVEN 5-part lifestyle model, I support them in making lasting lifestyle changes to improve their health, increase confidence, and be happier.

I’m on a mission to help YOU take your power back so you can Love Your Lifestyle™!

What We Do Together

We figure out what obstacles you’re running up against, even that little voice in your head, and create an action plan to stop with the busyness and get you closer to where you want to be.

My clients are people ready to take action to improve their health, gain confidence, and be HAPPIER!

When you put yourself first, you take your power back. YOU in the driver’s seat!

What I Offer

Motivated Woman | Tami McVay - Wellness & Lifestyle CoachCustomized and In-Depth 1-on-1 Coaching

You’re ready to jump in and take your power back. No more fucking around.  It’s time for YOU.

Maybe you don’t even know what the hell you’re looking for…all you know is that something’s gotta give.

The kids are older and you can finally have a little independence again.

How does that feel? Scary? Like freedom? Lost?

Real lasting changes take time, action, and a coach. You + Me = One hell of a team!

Accelerate your new lifestyle faster with a cheerleader who wants you to feel your happiest. I’m here to support you as you take control and become more YOU every step of the way!

Your investment for a unique, just-for-you, coaching package:

6-month Exclusive VIP 1-on-1 coaching package for $4997 

—– OR —–

3-month Crack You Open transformation package for $2997

Learn More | Tami McVay - Wellness & Lifestyle Coach

Cheering woman at desk | Tami McVay - Wellness & Lifestyle Coach90 Minute Intensive

You’re a woman who takes action and when you put your mind to something, it’s GO TIME!

You know what you want…a jolt of adrenaline and the tools to get you going.

This in-depth intensive is the down and dirty to get you fired up to take control of your life, so you can love your lifestyle again.

These sessions are for serious action takers!

Your investment: $497

Learn More | Tami McVay - Wellness & Lifestyle Coach

What Others Are Saying…

Keri M. Testimonial | Tami McVay - Wellness & Lifestyle Coach“She was the compass I needed to help me regroup & recalibrate then choose a direction(s) I wanted to pursue, with personalization & authenticity”

Tami brought a new perspective to my life in a time I needed it the most. I was spinning my wheels, fresh out of a relationship break-up, unhappy in my job, in a bit of a personal fog and having lost track of what purpose I was bringing to my life.

She was the compass I needed to help me regroup & recalibrate then choose a direction(s) I wanted to pursue, with personalization & authenticity, based on what I valued at the core of my being.

Since my sessions with Tami, I have obtained my DREAM JOB! This job represents the first time in my life that my experience and skill set in Tech & Project Management have merged with my passions & interests in coaching in a positive, people-centric corporate culture based around physical and emotional wellness.

I came to Tami approaching my issues with “I have to choose between making a good, regular income in an industry I’m no longer passionate about OR less $$ while building my passion business (coaching).” This mindset was making me feel deprived, trapped, overwhelmed (esp. as a single Mom financially supporting myself & my child full-time) and potentially left with a huge sense of fear of missing out as I’d maybe always wonder “what if I chose the other one, how would my life be better/different?

I’m still in massive disbelief that I have landed this job and cannot thank Tami enough for challenging me to not only see my value in both of these worlds, but to actually believe in it. This concept alone has improved my wellbeing & self-confidence incredibly.

I only scratched the surface of what Tami brings to the table as a coach in my sessions with her. I would recommend someone who feels stuck in their life, career or business to speak to Tami to gain clarity and have her help them great refocused and take clear, personalized action steps, which will build momentum and confidence for them to eventually take this part of their life to the next level. Tami is amazing!

– Keri M., Vancouver, B.C., Senior IT Manager and Owner of Avid Earthling


Tawnja M. Testimonial | Tami McVay - Wellness & Lifestyle Coach“She changed the way that I look at life and gave me the courage to step into the unknown.”

I can not say enough about Tami and her fantastic coaching skills and her heart to help others reach their goals and stay focused on their desires!!!

Tami helped me dig deep and find what really lights the fire of my soul desires. She helped me with tools that I had no idea were what I needed.

She changed the way that I look at life and gave me the courage to step into the unknown.

So often we get stuck in the thoughts that we have to get up and go to a 9-5 + job everyday just to make a paycheck so we can go live the life we imagined. Tami helped me see that I can live the life I imagined without working for “the man”.

Thank you, Tami for believing in me, seeing my potential and reminding me that I can do anything in this lifetime and it doesn’t have to be that difficult.

– Tawnja M., Oroville, CA.


Renee F. - Testimonial - Tami McVay -Wellness & Lifestyle Coach“You have a lot of great ideas and strategy about working out, tech, business and life.”

I love your enthusiasm and knowledge. You know what you’re talking about! I love talking to you and feeling motivated. You are organized, resourceful and knowledgeable. Also friendly and practical. You have a lot of great ideas and strategy about working out, tech, business and life.

I would recommend you to someone who was serious about making changes in her life and ready to commit to taking action. People should know that you’re a no-nonsense, get to the bottom of things kind of person with great ideas and tons of practical knowledge. And you’re awesome!

– Renee F., Chicago, IL, Dating Coach and Owner of Renee Suzanne Coaching


Kate F. - Testimonial - Tami McVay -Wellness & Lifestyle Coach“She’s approachable and doesn’t judge where you are with your body.”

Tami is totally open, friendly and knowledgeable. She answered all of my questions and explained the science behind all of what we worked on. She’s approachable and doesn’t judge where you are with your body.

I worked out more, cemented my workout schedule, warmed up to the idea of incorporating weights into my workout, and saw better results after starting to use weights. I even had enough energy to move my workout to the early mornings and I NEVER thought I could do that. I’m un-equivocally not a morning person so having the energy and wanting to do this was a big surprise. I could see my stomach getting flatter, too!

I would recommend Tami to anyone who is frustrated that they’re not seeing results even though they’re putting in the exercise time.  She’s down to earth and so easy to work with, not like an over-energized gym coach shouting out each rep to you. She’s committed to your success!

– Kate F., Sacramento, CA, Fine Artist and Owner of


Julie W. Testimonial - Tami McVay - Wellness & Lifestyle Coach“You really have done more for me than I can ever explain or repay.”

Hiking didn’t start as something I wanted to love. It evolved from being in a deep depression from a knee injury and a diagnosis of fibromyalgia. I started working with Tami McVay as my wellness coach just so I could get out of the house and make it around the block without being in tears. Each day I added a little more to my route. Soon I found myself walking from my house down to WalMart and around town by the river.

My next goal was to explore the nature trail. I was hitting all my goals and my knee pain was getting better. I kept working at it and decided I wanted to see all the trails that my husband and his friends see on their mountain bikes.

Soon I found myself gone for hours and hours and just enjoying the challenge of how much further I could go. My goal was to be able to hike 20 miles and my long term goal is to hike the Pacific Crest Trail.

It’s been an inspiring journey over the last 10 months. I have a new passion and I’m pretty much depression free. I love it. Thank you Tami for all those long distance phone calls and for helping me set realistic goals and sending me encouraging text messages. You really have done more for me than I can ever explain or repay.

Hike your own hike.

– Julie W., Oroville, CA, Nurse


Jill D. Testimonial - Tami McVay - Wellness & Lifestyle Coach“She helped push my limits and succeed at things I never thought I’d do.”

Over the many years that I’ve known Tami she has always been a positive force for me. As I’ve struggled in areas of exercise and weight (just to name a few) she has been there with great suggestions along with great means of supporting me. I’ve always referred to her as “My personal Tony Robbins” due to her level of support and encouragement.

She helped push my limits and succeed at things I never thought I’d do, like the Elephant Rock bike ride of 65 miles in one day. She was there in my training to help cheer me and prove that I did have it in me.

Outside of being a great friend, she is a great force of support for me in life and the challenges it throws at me or the things I want to challenge myself with.

– Jill F., Castle Rock, CO, Sales Effectiveness Training and Development Manager


Lori H - Testimonial - Tami McVay -Wellness & Lifestyle Coach“I would recommend Tami without hesitation.”

Tami McVay has a combination of smarts, savvy and compassion when coaching. She assisted me in developing a solid plan to reach my goals, and was able to easily modify her style to meet mine ensuring greater success. I would recommend Tami without hesitation.

– Lori H., Ft. Collins, CO, Director of Emergency Management and Recovery


Phyllis W. - Testimonial - Tami McVay -Wellness & Lifestyle Coach“You are easy to talk to, very insightful and supportive and I have observed that people, not just me, are comfortable around you.”

Working with anyone puts you in a position of discussing areas where you are lacking, being open and exposed. There are always thoughts of “What will Tami think of my challenges/weaknesses?“. I think this is a significant reason that limits people from seeking coaching/training. After working with you, I had a feeling of support/belief that I can turn my passion into a personally rewarding endeavor and confirmation that money is not what matters to me and that I am where I am supposed to be.

You are easy to talk to, very insightful and supportive and I have observed that people, not just me, are comfortable around you. I feel that you genuinely care about helping guide and support others to identify and pursue their passion and overcome challenges. I was impressed and am encouraged to take action on the things we discussed and even more so when you immediately provided information and resources to assist me with my next steps.

I feel the phone meeting was perfect. It made it very easy to allot the time, regardless of how busy I may have been. Like you said, less pressure/time to not have to dress and drive. Not sure if it is true, but people are often more comfortable/safer over the phone than in person – less threatening…back to “How will this go, sharing and being open, etc.?

Like any relationship it creates a sense of accountability. Your style creates more of a supportive partnership type accountability than just an external check list type accountability. I am encouraged and feel empowered to take a first/next step toward creating my next career.

– Phyllis W., Ft. Collins, CO, Co-Owner of Dark Heart Coffee Bar

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