Many people make the mistake of separating their work life and their personal life. They subconsciously separate the two…work is just one of those necessary evils, right?

It’s simply life.

The problem with compartmentalizing them though is that you’re more likely to “be” two different people.  ESPECIALLY if you’re unhappy with your work.

This is risky because it can lead to feelings of dissatisfaction, resentment, and worst of all…not the YOU that you crave to be! (Tweet that!)

Work/Life Balance

Many companies are starting to see the advantages of promoting a culture of work/life balance. Employees who feel supported in dealing with their personal lives are more likely to stick around and enjoy their job.

This “Work IS personal” premise goes beyond that. It’s bringing your best self to your work.

When you do that, everyone wins!

Check out this video where I share the story that inspired this post and how my high school job showed me what it feels like when I’m being true to myself!


Take Action Now

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