Women & Weights: Overcome Your Fears and Discover Your Strength™ - Tami McVay

You’re juggling work, family, errands, and the household. You’re too busy and know you should do more when it comes to your health.

Your workouts are a burden and you don’t really have time, but you go because you need to. You have a rough idea of what to do and manage to workout a few days a week, but you’re feeling frustrated because you’re not losing weight and not looking any more toned than when you started.

Do your workouts sound like this?

The time on the treadmill creeps by and you just want it over with. After a little cardio, you wander around the weight machines and think “that one doesn’t look too difficult”, so you sit and do 3 sets of 10 reps with 8 pounds of weight because you don’t want to get big muscles…just tighten up.

You don’t want to look dumb wandering around the equipment lost and the personal trainers at the gym aren’t exactly friendly, so you do the 3 machines that don’t scare you and call it a day. You tell yourself, “Good workout!”.

You wish that…

…someone would just invent a magic pill or tell you step-by-step what you need to eat and do to lose weight and look toned…like yesterday.

….your favorite jeans fit a little better.  You don’t want to bulk up. You simply want to look good and not have to hide under bulky sweaters.

There’s no way in hell you’re giving up wine and chocolate, so you tell yourself that this is how it is now that you’re getting older and just chalk it up to life. Your metabolism is slowing down, right?

You remember seeing a blog post on how the thyroid can affect your weight and think, “maybe that’s what’s going on”. (What the heck is the thyroid anyway?)

Your mom is overweight, so you think it runs in the family. Sigh. Lucky you.

You’re ready to try something different and take action to FINALLY get results, but you don’t know what to do because it’s so overwhelming. If you only knew what to do, you’d feel better and it would be worth your time.

Tami McVay - Wellness & Lifestyle Coach

Great News! I was JUST LIKE YOU and know there’s a BETTER way!

I’ll help you understand what you have to do to get toned and make the most out of your time working out to get results.

I’ll tell you the exact strategies you need to navigate around the weight machines with confidence and which numbers you need to pay attention to in order to look your best.

When we’re done, you’ll look and feel stronger and be ready to strut your stuff!

As a result of this coaching program, you will…

  • Know how to tone up without bulking up
  • Understand which numbers really matter in order for you to look your best
  • Feel confident in the weight room
  • Have a plan to create a body you love
  • AND be able to enjoy your wine and chocolate!

This package includes:

Tami McVay - Wellness & Lifestyle CoachKickoff Questionnaire

When you commit to “Women & Weights:  Overcome Your Fears and Discover Your Strength™”, you’ll receive a link to the Kickoff Questionnaire. These series of questions will give me an idea of what your fears are, what experience you have, and what you dream of accomplishing. When we get started, we’ll be able to jump right in and conquer these one-by-one.

Tami McVay - Wellness & Lifestyle CoachPrivate Coaching Sessions

We’ll start with a 50 minute session via Google+ Hangout or phone where we’ll address your fears and I’ll show you the fundamentals of weight training.  You’ll leave this first session understanding why you haven’t seen results and be excited to put your new knowledge to work!

You’ll then get 5 additional 50 minute sessions where we’ll get you crystal clear on your path forward and start making changes to get you the results you desire!

Each week, we’ll go over your progress, answer any questions you may have, and teach you more about weight training.  You’ll have the confidence and the tools you need to look great and feel stronger!

When we’re through working together, you’ll know how to design your own workouts like a pro!

These private coaching sessions are the KEY to your success in the program and will help hold you accountable while giving you the support you need! No question is dumb or off-limits!

Tami McVay - Wellness & Lifestyle CoachAction Steps

Along the way you’re going to have action steps to take. We’ll go over them in our follow up sessions. With my support, these steps are going to push your comfort zone and give you the courage you need to move forward to your ideal body!

Tami McVay - Wellness & Lifestyle CoachHelpful Tools!

I’ve been right where you are and I NOW know the benefits that weight training have brought to MY life. I look great and feel sexier than ever…even in my 40s! I want that for you too, so I created these AMAZING tools to help you:

  • Bring your “A Game” to your workout! – You’ll know exactly what to do, how to do it and it what order to get the most BANG for your buck!
  • Navigate your way around the gym like a PRO! – I’ve been there…done my homework, found a great workout plan, and then got to the gym and was like, ‘what the hell is that?’ I couldn’t remember what it looked like! No more!
  • Never feel DUMB in the gym again! – Have you been in a conversation with someone and they whiz right on by with some word that you don’t know what they’re talking about, but you don’t want to look dumb, so you nod and continue like you know what they’re talking about? Me too! I help you out and now YOU’LL be the one dropping the slang in conversations.
  • Strut around like the Confident Woman you are! – When we’re new at something, we’re afraid to ask for help and tend to shrink out of fear of looking or sounding silly…especially in front of the incredibly buff men and women in the weight room! Sometimes knowing what you’re going to say ahead of time can give you the BOOST of courage you need!

Investment:  $797 

Let’s Get Started

Are you ready to overcome your fears and discover your strength? Excellent!

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Step 2.  You’ll receive an email with the number to call at the time of your session.

Step 3.  We chat!

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What Others Are Saying…

Kate F. - Testimonial - Tami McVay -Wellness & Lifestyle Coach“She’s approachable and doesn’t judge where you are with your body.”

Tami is totally open, friendly and knowledgeable. She answered all of my questions and explained the science behind all of what we worked on. She’s approachable and doesn’t judge where you are with your body.

I worked out more, cemented my workout schedule, warmed up to the idea of incorporating weights into my workout, and saw better results after starting to use weights. I even had enough energy to move my workout to the early mornings and I NEVER thought I could do that. I’m un-equivocally not a morning person so having the energy and wanting to do this was a big surprise. I could see my stomach getting flatter, too!

I would recommend Tami to anyone who is frustrated that they’re not seeing results even though they’re putting in the exercise time.  She’s down to earth and so easy to work with, not like an over-energized gym coach shouting out each rep to you. She’s committed to your success!

– Kate F., Sacramento, CA, Fine Artist and Owner of KateFarrall.com


Jill D. Testimonial - Tami McVay - Wellness & Lifestyle Coach“She helped push my limits and succeed at things I never thought I’d do.”

Over the many years that I’ve known Tami she has always been a positive force for me. As I’ve struggled in areas of exercise and weight (just to name a few) she has been there with great suggestions along with great means of supporting me. I’ve always referred to her as “My personal Tony Robbins” due to her level of support and encouragement.

She helped push my limits and succeed at things I never thought I’d do, like the Elephant Rock bike ride of 65 miles in one day. She was there in my training to help cheer me and prove that I did have it in me.

Outside of being a great friend, she is a great force of support for me in life and the challenges it throws at me or the things I want to challenge myself with.

– Jill F., Castle Rock, CO, Sales Effectiveness Training and Development Manager


Julie W. Testimonial - Tami McVay - Wellness & Lifestyle Coach“You really have done more for me than I can ever explain or repay.”

Hiking didn’t start as something I wanted to love. It evolved from being in a deep depression from a knee injury and a diagnosis of fibromyalgia. I started working with Tami McVay as my wellness coach just so I could get out of the house and make it around the block without being in tears. Each day I added a little more to my route. Soon I found myself walking from my house down to WalMart and around town by the river.

My next goal was to explore the nature trail. I was hitting all my goals and my knee pain was getting better. I kept working at it and decided I wanted to see all the trails that my husband and his friends see on their mountain bikes.

Soon I found myself gone for hours and hours and just enjoying the challenge of how much further I could go. My goal was to be able to hike 20 miles and my long term goal is to hike the Pacific Crest Trail.

It’s been an inspiring journey over the last 10 months. I have a new passion and I’m pretty much depression free. I love it. Thank you Tami for all those long distance phone calls and for helping me set realistic goals and sending me encouraging text messages. You really have done more for me than I can ever explain or repay.

Hike your own hike.

– Julie W., Oroville, CA, Nurse



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