We all know someone who just seems to have all the luck in the world.  It’s hard not to get a little green with envy when all the pieces always fall into place for them.

Especially when you are feeling like everything is an uphill battle.

You want to be supportive and cheer them on.  You really do!

Silently inside you’re thinking, “Damn, how do they do it?  It’s unfair!  I want some of that!”

I’ve been there.  And the worst part about it is that the more you allow yourself to have that crappy thinking, the more you snowball into a place of despair!

Your Brain is the Problem

Our brain can be our best ally or our worst enemy.  It can’t distinguish between what is real and what you tell yourself.

When you continually tell yourself that they are lucky and you’re not, your brain believes you!

As Mike Dooley says, “Thoughts become things.”  This couldn’t be more true when it comes to believing that you somehow missed out on the Lucky Gene!

 Why ‘Expansive‘ Is One of My Core Desired Feelings

When I sat down and went through The Desire Map process, I knew that I wanted to be more open to things…people, opportunities, adventure…

(Don’t know what the Desire Map process is?  Find out here!)

But saying that I am OPEN, didn’t feel BIG enough.  I was hungry for more.


Expansive woman - Tami McVay When I think of the word ‘expansive’, I picture a funnel above me.  It allows me to be open and ready to receive all the great things possible.

  • More abundance than I ever could have dreamt for myself…
  • More love than I could have ever hoped to receive…
  • More opportunities coming to me from places I never expected…
  • More riches than I ever thought possible…
  • More growth and fulfilling experiences

When I make it a practice to feel expansive each morning when I wake up and once again when I sleep, I WILL feel expansive.

(btw….Science shows that if you want to learn something new, do it right before bed so your subconscious can absorb it while you sleep! Click to Tweet!)

It’s all there before me…and I’m ready!  No luck required!

Take Action Now

Does ‘expansive’ resonate with you?  Do you want to feel this way too?  Tell me about a time when you felt expansive and YOU were the one with ‘all the luck‘.

Love and Health! Tami McVay




Photo credit:  © Depositphotos.com/@maridav