Fitness for women can be an emotional roller coaster. We tell ourselves that we’re going to start a new diet on Monday and go to the gym every day that week. Summer’s around the corner and we want to look better in our capris.

But Wednesday is your sister’s birthday and you’re going out to dinner. Day 3…off the rails… Shit!

So you say “forget it”, do your normal thing over the weekend and start again Monday.

This time, you make it and drop a pound! Woot! Woot! (Raise your hands!)

…And then you have a stressful day at work and dip into a bottle of wine (Ok, a really BIG dip).

What goes better with wine than cheese and crackers? The whole box counts as a dinner, right?

Damn. R-O-L-L-E-R C-O-A-S-T-E-R.

Muscle…Your Rabbit in the Hat

Imagine what it would feel like if you could enjoy that birthday dinner and still be on track. Imagine if a stressful day wouldn’t break the bikini bank.

The key is adding muscle. It’s magic!

For every pound of muscle you have, you burn an extra 10-50 calories PER DAY. I’ve read varying studies on the number burned and there’s a lot of debate, but the point is that YOU CAN EAT MORE.  (Within reason, of course!)


This is why I make weight training a priority in my routine. I eat what I want and don’t believe in ‘cheat meals’ or ‘cheat days’. If I want to splurge, I do it and then eat better the rest of the time.

Are you afraid of getting too bulky? Are you intimidated by all of the equipment? Don’t be! I’m here to help!

Take Action Now

Tell me in the comments below what you feel you need to give up to be fit. I want to hear from you! And don’t forget to grab a dumbbell and get busy!


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