Some days I am blown away with where I am and who I have become. If the 22 year old me could see me now, she would be amazed. I used to think small.

Don’t get me wrong, at that point in my life I had achieved a lot and had drive, but I never thought to dream big. No one in my life at the time did or talked about it. We were just going along with life, having fun, getting by, and accepting what was the here and now.

Maybe its because I’m older or maybe it’s the way we are evolving as a society. People are wanting more out of life…wanting meaning…wanting adventure.

For me, I think its a little of both. I feel wiser and always seek more, but it helps me tremendously that there are resources out there of like-minded people. I feed off of them, they feed off of me. I am your resource. Your like-minded peeps. Let’s feast!

How did I create the life I live now? Baby steps. Lots and lots of baby steps. Every once in a while, a big leap. I have had some difficult times in my life, but at the heart of things, I am a very positive person. I consciously make choices to find the best in things and let that light my way.

Maybe you feel paralyzed? Maybe you’re bored and don’t know what you want out of life? You have to be on the lookout for opportunities as they may not always be obvious. Sometimes they are disguised as work. Other times they sound like a freakin blast.

Start Saying YES

Yes to life. Yes to change. Yes to you. Next thing you know, you will be miles from where you ever thought you could be. You’ll wake up and say “Damn…life is good! How did I get to be so lucky?” The thing is…it wasn’t luck. You said YES!!

Take Action Now

Tell me in the comments below what kind of change you want to make in your life and your first baby step. I am with you all the way!