Many times we go through our lives interacting with people and don’t give it much thought. It isn’t until years later when you realize that something they said or did, impacted you tremendously.

The lesson doesn’t always come with big flashing lights and whistles. Unfortunately.

Maybe you experience a big challenge or have an amazing moment with someone…and the lesson from years ago, hits you like a brick!

Or maybe the lesson is a small whisper…

Lessons Learned

I had an amazing teacher in high school that I’ve thought about fondly over the years.

It wasn’t until I was considering making the leap from my corporate career to the unknown waters of being an entrepreneur, did I really think about a powerful lesson I had gained from my high school physics teacher, Mr. Jeff Peek.

Long after I graduated, he became the principal of the high school. I can’t imagine the benefits he brought to the school in that new role!

He’s retiring this year, so I wanted to tell this special story of gratitude in his honor.

In this tribute video, I share the story, the powerful lesson I received, and how you can take it to heart and apply to your own life!

What Are You Teaching

Whether you give it much thought or not, people are paying attention to your words. Ask yourself what lessons you are teaching to others.

Are you always complaining? Guess what? You’re teaching that to your kids.

Are you always laughing? You’re teaching humor.

Think about what your biggest lessons learned from others. How can you pass that on? Be an influencer!

Take Action Now

Tell me in the comments below how a teacher impacted you as an adult. I know there are amazing teachers out there and it’s one of the most undervalued careers!

Photo credit: © Depositphotos/@korovin