Live Confident

Discover what it means to live confident and how you can step into your power.
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Video 2 – How to Live Confident

Tips to Live Confident


If you’re not feeling your best, emotionally and physically, it can shatter your confidence. Check in and ask yourself these questions:

  • What activity have I held back from doing because I didn’t want to look dumb?
  • What do I tell myself when I look in the mirror? Do I show compassion and celebrate what I’m doing right?
  • How am I fueling my body?
  • Am I giving my body the rest it needs to recharge?

Your body is your vehicle in this life. Nurture it with exercise, rest, quality nutrition and drink lots of water. You’ll find yourself feeling better and that translates into how you feel emotionally.


The people in our lives have an influence over us in a positive or negative way. Getting crystal clear on who you are and what you want will give you the confidence needed to control how they influence you. Be honest and ask yourself these questions:

  • Who’s actions have I been tolerating that are not in my best interest?
  • What relationship will be better if I speak my truth?
  • Do I have the intimacy I want in all of my relationships?
  • What conversations do I need to have to deepen my relationships?

Building your confidence will allow you to have the quality of relationships that you are craving…from friendships to partnerships.


To feel confident in your career and business, you must build competence. Enhancing your skills in any area over time will build that competence. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Who have I let impact my confidence in my office or business? Why did it get to me?
  • What skill do I need to master to increase my confidence?
  • What skills am I already an expert at?
  • When I think of those skills, do I feel confident? If not, what is the deeper reason behind how I’m feeling?
  • What would I like to ultimately be doing for the most fulfillment?

Much of our happiness and fulfillment in our career stem purely from our choices. The best part about building confidence in this area of your life is that there are a million ways to learn what you need to and start feeling more confident.

What inspires you to live committed, confident, and courageous?