Do you feel like you don’t have the money to invest?  You know you should and you REALLY want to, but you just can’t figure out where you’ll start?

You’ve heard of compounding, but haven’t paid much attention since that doesn’t really apply to you right now…

I used to think that way too!  I was getting by and didn’t really dream bigger financially.  I know that it can be hard to have that faith when you didn’t grow up with money.  My family sure didn’t have extra!

There was a time where we used to get free cheese and butter from the government.  I even remember my mom paying for our groceries with food stamps.

Don’t get me wrong…my childhood was fine and my needs were met.  I just wasn’t really taught about abundance and worthiness.

Over the years, I started to make some changes and I found my own source of worthiness.

I never dreamed that I’d be where I am at financially today!  In this video, I share with you my little trick that I started in my early 20s and has led to a significant increase in my net worth.

AND my worthiness!  You are worthy too, my friend! Click to Tweet!

Take Action Now

Tell me in the comments below your financial dreams and one step you are going to take TODAY to start getting financially ahead.  Cha-CHING!

Love and Health! Tami McVay




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