You’re at a party and someone asks “What do you do?” What is your first response?

Work. Your day job. “I’m in sales.” (Yawn)

Right? Why is that? It’s such a habit that we tend to tell the same story. Don’t you get tired of telling the same story?! I know I do!  

What if someone asked you to answer honestly about your day? Would it sound like this?

I set my alarm for 6:30 a.m. every day, but I dread going to work, so I hit ‘snooze’ 6 times giving me 54 minutes of unrestful sleep. I then finally decide to shut it off, mostly out of annoyance, and lay there surfing my phone…check email, Facebook to see if the world is falling apart, maybe watch some funny dog video… Head downstairs for 2 cups of coffee as I half listen to The Today Show. Then race into the shower since I procrastinated so long.

[Fast forward to the office] I settle into my cubicle, research complaints, maybe solve one urgent problem (aren’t they all urgent??).

Saving the world…one email at a time.

For lunch, I head to the gym for an escape and to ensure that I get a workout in because I know I won’t feel like it at the end of the day. Back to the office for more emails, call some clients, attend a meeting. Watch the clock begging for the end of the day to come and then head home. Cook something simple, get back on the computer, and watch Biggest Loser while eating a pint of ice cream. Force myself to go to bed at midnight, so I can do it allllll over again.

When I read “The Four Hour Work Week” by Tim Ferris, he asked this same question and challenged the reader to think about what they do. Leave your job out of it and really reflect on your life.  How will you be remembered?

We get caught up in the day-to-day busyness of life and overlook the big picture of what we are doing.

What are you doing to create a legacy?

I thought about all of the things that I currently do and what I have done in my spare time over my adult life. I let it just flow on the page. This is what I came up with:

I am a triathlete, road cyclist, mountain biker, snowboarder, skier, waterskier, and wakeboarder. I have won a woman’s 5k snowshoe race.

I have scuba dived (dove?) in 7 countries.

I am a certified personal trainer, health coach, and life coach.

I helped rebuild a school in a day.

I have run 5ks, 10ks, half marathons, and a marathon.

I am a Marine. I served my country. Twice. I served on jury duty for a year.

I snowmobiled in Yellowstone through buffalo. I rock climb. I rappel.

I have provided for 8 families in the Republic of Congo, Nigeria, Bosnia, and Iraq.

I flirt with World War II vets and make them smile.

I taught kickboxing. I broke a cinderblock with my hand. I am a model.

I have volunteered for Special Olympics, Toys for Tots, Face of America, Operation Smile, Salvation Army, No Barriers, and the Adventure Team Challenge.

I have raced in sprint, olympic, and half Ironman distance triathlons.

I am a Yogi.

I cross country ski. I hiked 72 miles of the Colorado Trail in 3 days.

I feed homeless vets at the holidays.

I climbed two 14ers. I kayak.

I bake loaves and loaves of pumpkin bread to send in care packages to Marines that I don’t know in Iraq and Afghanistan.

I have traveled to 20 countries.

I road biked in the south of France, Spain, and much of Colorado. I mountain biked from Telluride to Moab.

I dressed as an angel and tossed candy to little kids in a Christmas parade while giving them magic powers with my wand.

Damn. I AM a rockstar.

Life is life and yes, there are errands to be run and bills to be paid. Make it a point to really turn things up a notch in your lives and live FULLY as much as possible. We all only get one shot at this life.

When we’re old and looking back, are we going to wish we had hit ‘snooze’ one more time? Hell no!  Do you want someone to remember you as ‘Wow, she could really do wonders with an Excel spreadsheet…’?  Not me!

The great part about this exercise is that it’s a good tool to keep in your arsenal when you’re feeling down or when someone gets to you at work.  Pull out your list and remind yourself what you’re REALLY about.

Now its your turn! Write your Rockstar story!

Saved a kitten from a tree?  Add it!

Helped an old lady with her groceries.  Add that too!

Read your little girl a story every night before bed.  Definitely add that!

Surprise your lover with flowers just because.  Yep, add it!

Walked in a 5k to raise money for breast cancer research.  On the list it goes!

You get the point.

Want to take it to the next level?  Create a Rockstar Box and add pictures, awards, newspaper clippings, etc.

When you’re feeling fear about following a dream or trying to decide on the next course of action, open up the box and ask “What would THIS version of me DO?”

Create a legacy that you’ll be proud of!

Take Action Now!

Tell me in the comments below one thing that is going on YOUR Rockstar List!

And at the next party you go to, whip out one of these lines instead and see where the conversation takes you!  You might learn something about someone that you never knew and will make you look at them a little differently.

Now isn’t THAT more fun?!?!

Love and Health!_small