Everyone congregates in the kitchen. It’s the hub of your home. You spend all this money on a mortgage, so you want it to look nice, right?

Colors straight out of a Pottery Barn catalog, cool Cuisinart mixer on the counter (doesn’t matter that you haven’t used it since Christmas), canisters filled with flour lined up like soldiers (which you also have not used since Christmas) and jars of bright colored vegetables soaking in some unknown liquid for decoration. Everything has its place. Perfect for when you have people over once a month!

What if that “Perfect Kitchen” was blocking your success of living a healthy lifestyle? Would you change it?

Say what?! Yep, its true. Does this sound familiar? You know you need to eat breakfast, but you’re running late, so you’ll just grab something on the way. Or maybe you have time to eat breakfast, but no time to make a healthy lunch.

This is YOUR life and YOUR house, so do what’s best FOR YOU!

Start taking control NOW and make things more convenient for your day to day living!

My morning ritual: green smoothies! I have my canisters of cashews and chia seeds right next to my cutting board which is right next to my bowl of pears and avocados. The jars of cinnamon and turmeric are on the counter too. All the greens are washed and in the refrigerator crisper.

In the morning, I zip through that production line lickety split! No matter how late I am running, I can always squeak in the 3 minutes to blend a jar full of nutritional goodness to start my day.

Look around your kitchen and figure out ways that will make your life easier for the 27 days of the month when you DON’T have company. Stow that Cuisinart in the cupboard and break it out for special occasions to impress your friends when they come over.

And if someone happens to stop by unexpectedly, they’ll ask what you’re making and you can tell them how much time it saves you. Share the love!

Take action now! Do one thing in your kitchen that will speed up your routine. Tell me in the comments below what you plan to do to make eating healthy more convenient! We could all learn some new ideas!