Your Secret Mission to Personal Freedom



September 23 – 25, 2020

The Ultimate Adventure Retreat with

Your Secret Mission…If You Choose To Accept It…

P R I V A T E   I N V I T E   O N L Y  –  An Unforgettable Adventure to See What You’re Made Of

September 23-25, 2020 – Step up to the challenge in Colorado with Marine, Mentor, and Positive Game Changer Tami McVay.

He who conquers himself is the mightiest warrior.” – Confucius

You were born ready for this! The Special Op was created specifically to challenge you mentally, physically, and have you showing up in life and business in a much BIGGER way. 

Have you ever felt you had this strength inside that you’ve yet to tap? And a fear that if you unleashed it, people around you couldn’t handle it? So you push on chasing your dream, conquering your goals, having a great life…all while holding back.

Everyone wishes they could be a Marine for a day (or a Navy Seal, Army Ranger, Captain America, Wonder Woman…you pick your hero!). Playing the strong superhero without the sacrifices or risks.

Warriors aren’t born. They’re built.

They are everyday people who are molded, shaped, and transformed into a warrior. You already have a warrior within.  It’s time to bring it out and report for your secret mission.


If you want to be one of the few, you have to earn it!

The Special Op | Tami McVay - Business & Lifestyle Strategist | Mentor
The Special Op | Tami McVay - Business & Lifestyle Strategist | Mentor
The Special Op | Tami McVay - Business & Lifestyle Strategist | Mentor

What Does Personal Freedom Look Like to You?


Personal freedom looks different for everyone.

Is it feeling comfortable in your own skin and rocking a bikini? Is it meeting big financial goals so you can help make the world a better place? Is it having a business run on auto-pilot so you travel the world? Maybe it’s a combination of all of the above.

You can never really be free until you can own all of who you are…your strengths, your weaknesses, your accomplishments, your failures.

It doesn’t matter how many people love you if you can’t love yourself. As I like to say, “If you don’t think you’re a rockstar, why would anyone else?

I believe that no matter what your definition of freedom is you will never make it possible without a few key traits:

Strength. Discipline. Focus. Determination. Mental Toughness.

The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus.” – Bruce Lee

You have to first get into the mental state of being a badass. All of these traits start on the inside. It takes daily work to build them and keep them. When you fully unleash all that you are, no one will be able to ignore your results.

If you want to create life on your terms, it’s going to be a battle…but that doesn’t mean it can’t be FUN along the way.

It’s YOUR time to join The Special Op!

This secret mission in Colorado will be 2.5 days of getting a taste of what becoming a warrior is all about.

It will be an experience like no other with guns, ammo, blowing shit up, and more importantly, building your unbreakable mental game.

You’ll leave this one-of-a-kind adventure retreat walking around like the badass you are…even around the grocery store!

This exclusive mission will be intimate. Like any Special Op, you will be surrounded by like-minded, trusted, driven teammates.

There’s no need to be intimidated. Every warrior brings their own strengths to the battle. You simply have to have 10 seconds of courage to say YES…yes to you.


Few people push themselves for more. Do you have it takes to be one of the few?

Meet Tami

“To live a vibrant life, you must first find your courage.”

From the Marine Corps to Mentor, Tami McVay knows what courage it takes to keep driving to make YOUR life and the lives of the people around you BETTER. With her military background, 20 years in corporate IT, online entrepreneurship, and decades of personal development, it’s rare to find an expert to encompass such a diverse playing field. Tami’s passion for health and fitness, dedication to service through charity, and travels around the world result in a vibrant life well lived. Tami supports driven entrepreneurs and professionals who are ready to up their game…personally, mentally, professionally… and need a little help to take it to the next level. Her motto: Lead by Lifestyle!

Some call it arrogance. Some call it cockiness. I call it Unleashed Confidence. For many people, that’s incredibly uncomfortable to do!

I believe Strength + Kindness is the ultimate winning combo.

When I recently heard of a MAN, who is NOT a veteran, using the frame of “warrior” getting paid to empower WOMEN and thinks that means calling them bitches during a workout, I thought…

“Awww, fuck no! NOT ON MY WATCH.”

The words ‘warrior’ and ’empower’ get tossed around way too much in the coaching industry to the point where you can’t tell who the marketing jokers are and who actually live it. Even I feel uncomfortable using the word ‘warrior’ because I know some badass combat veterans who have made crazy sacrifices. I will use it because they know I honor them every chance I get.

You can spend 30 seconds on YouTube and find a trainer that will make you do mountain climbers and burpees. That’s all fine and dandy, but it’s not nearly enough. It takes mental toughness, physical endurance, and real skills to build personal freedom like a warrior.

So get ready ladies! This Special Op is something SPECIAL for you to show you what empowerment is all about.

The real deal. From a Marine. From a woman.

I’m building an army of strong women who get after life with a positive vengeance. Men like that won’t see us coming. And when they do, they’ll hide…because it takes a strong man to appreciate a strong woman.

And men…I’ll let you come along for the journey and show you what real leadership is all about.


This is for you if…


  • You know you’re a tough entrepreneur or professional and want to see what else you’re capable of.
  • You love a good adrenaline rush.
  • You want more discipline, focus, and mental toughness.
  • You’ve ever said “I was going to join the military, but…”
  • You know life can be GREAT when surrounded with amazing people!
  • You want to be a part of something bigger than yourself.
  • You believe positivity should be a core value of everyone.
  • You know you can always improve as a leader.
  • You’re hungry for MORE and ready to unleash a more powerful side of yourself!

Are you ready for your secret mission Tami-style?!

The Special Op | Tami McVay - Business & Lifestyle Strategist | Mentor
The Special Op | Tami McVay - Business & Lifestyle Strategist | Mentor
The Special Op | Tami McVay - Business & Lifestyle Strategist | Mentor

The Special Op Details

You’ll be required to report for duty on Wednesday, September 23rd in Parker, CO at 1600 hours. (That’s 4pm for the rest of us.)

Thursday and Friday we’ll be hitting the battlefield for fun, adventure, and to challenge you like never before.

You’ll have a better understanding of the mental game of being a warrior and walk away with REAL skills that may save lives literally and figuratively…starting with your own! I’m partnering up with former law enforcement to create the best experience possible. These pros train beginners to elite security teams! We’ve got you covered!

There will be no more WONDERING if you have what it takes…you’ll KNOW!!

This is not for you if you’re a control freak and have to have all the details. It is a secret mission, after all! 

I do this intentionally…(coaching begins right now!) We are constantly faced with fears of the unknown. True leaders have to push through those fears and take action.

As the Marines say “Improvise, adapt, and overcome!

The first step is submitting your application so I can get to know you before we hop on the phone. I’ll tell you more about it and together we’ll decide if it’s right for you.

If you find your heart racing with thoughts of “oh damn…what does she have planned?“, then you MUST apply.


Your investment: $2700


Includes elite training with experts, ammo, weapons, meals, and some surprises.

***Special discount if you bring your own weapon. Let’s make you better with what you already have!


SPECIAL BONUS: Commit by August 4th and receive a photo package from the brilliant Erin Latterell Burk who will capture you in your most badass moments during the Special Op. (value: $475)


This looks different than your past retreats. Is it?

Most definitely! People have been asking me to do something military-ish for some time. I decided that the time for it is NOW. 

I’m on a mission to build an army of strong women and men who get after life with a positive vengeance. Strength + Kindness is the ultimate combination to win at life. 

This Special Op will give you a small taste of what the military is like and more importantly, you’re going to leave feeling more invincible than ever! 

I know how much you like adventure, Tami! How physical is this??

We’re going to be outdoors much of the time. You’ll be moving around, sitting on the ground at times, and some physical activity. You don’t have to be an athlete and it’s OK to be out of shape. The most important thing is for you to be a good sport! You won’t have to do anything you feel uncomfortable with.

Don’t let doubt hold you back. I KNOW you can do this. I got you!

Do I have to know how to shoot a gun?

Nope! I had never fired a gun until I went into the Marine Corps and learned from the best. I’ll be bringing in experts to show you how it’s done. They are former law enforcement and train beginners and elite security teams. These pros will make you feel like The Terminator in no time!

And if you’ve already been shooting, no problem! I’ll challenge you too!

What if I don't really believe in owning guns?

That’s OK! One thing I’ve learned is that you can never have too many skills. Understanding guns and how to use a gun is simply a smart move in this day and age. Doesn’t mean you have to buy one or support them. Besides, you may find you actually enjoy it!

Submit your application and let’s chat. We’ll know immediately if it’s a good fit.

Do I need any special gear?

No. Workout clothes or jeans you can move around in will suffice. Closed durable workout shoes or boots is all you need. You’ll also receive a suggested packing list before the event…let’s have FUN with it!

I want to do this, but I'm worried I'm not as strong as others. Should I apply?

YES! YES! YES! If you are wanting to do something like this, that already puts you ahead of the masses! Let’s tap into your strength and make it even more powerful because I promise…you are stronger than you think!

Can I bring a friend, business partner, or my spouse?

Of course! What better way to ensure you have a strong support system going after the empowered life you want than to include those closest to you!


And the stories you’ll share…GONNA BE GREAT!

What about COVID-19?

We’ll be taking the required precautions at the time of the event and you’ll be required to sign a COVID waiver since these are volatile times and no one knows where it may strike.

I also recognize there’s uncertainty in the air right now with everything going on. If you have to cancel due to COVID, no problem. I’ll return your all of your money.

I'm on the fence. Can you tell me more?

Don’t overthink it. You’re not committed yet. 😉

If you’ve gotten this far in the web page, you’re obviously intrigued! Submit your application and we’ll get on the phone and talk. I’ll help you make the right decision for YOU.

Application Instructions

IMPORTANT! After I receive your application, you’ll receive an email confirmation that we got it. We’ll also schedule a Zoom call with you.

On the quick Zoom call, we’ll meet and you’ll tell me why YOU must be chosen to join this incredible group of people to experience this powerful secret mission to personal freedom. Feel free to tell me anything else you think I should know before approving your application!

Upon acceptance of your application, you’ll receive an invoice for the payment or deposit and release form.  Return immediately to ensure your spot is reserved as spaces are limited.

From Past Adventure Retreats…

Biking in Ireland!

Here’s an example of accomodating different levels of skills. I’m riding a regular bike uphill and filming while my client whizzes by with little effort on an ebike!

Cliff Jumping in Jamaica

What if I had a magic wand and could give you…

Tami changed the way that I look at life and gave me the courage to step into the unknown.

I can not say enough about Tami and her fantastic coaching skills and her heart to help others reach their goals and stay focused on their desires!!!

Tami helped me dig deep and find what really lights the fire of my soul desires. She helped me with tools that I had no idea were what I needed.

Thank you, Tami for believing in me, seeing my potential and reminding me that I can do anything in this lifetime and it doesn’t have to be that difficult.

Tawnja M.

Oroville, CA

You have a lot of great ideas and strategy about working out, tech, business and life.

I love your enthusiasm and knowledge. You know what you’re talking about! I love talking to you and feeling motivated. You are organized, resourceful and knowledgeable. Also friendly and practical.

People should know that you’re a no-nonsense, get to the bottom of things kind of person with great ideas and tons of practical knowledge. And you’re awesome!

Renee F.

Chicago, IL, Dating Coach and Owner, Renee Suzanne Coaching

Tami was the compass I needed to help me regroup & recalibrate then choose a direction(s) I wanted to pursue, with personalization & authenticity.

Tami brought a new perspective to my life in a time I needed it the most. I was spinning my wheels, fresh out of a relationship break-up, unhappy in my job, in a bit of a personal fog and having lost track of what purpose I was bringing to my life.

I’m still in massive disbelief I have landed my DREAM job and cannot thank Tami enough for challenging me to not only see my value in both IT and the coaching worlds, but to actually believe in it. This concept alone has improved my wellbeing & self-confidence incredibly. Tami is amazing!

Keri M.

Vancouver, BC, IT Director and Owner of , Avid Earthling