I did it. I leapt. After a long running start, I jumped off the cliff into uncertainty.

It took a long time to get to this point. I analyzed and then analyzed some more. I talked it into the ground with my friends. I then started telling total strangers.

Each time the words came out of my mouth, it felt more like the end. It wasn’t about any of their opinions (although it helped tremendously).

I needed to hear my own voice.

Until one day, it hit me and I said it out loud to a room full of women…

I’m tired of telling the same fucking story.

At the end of the day, I knew (really knew) in my gut that I had to do it for ME. It was time for a BIG life transition!

I worked for the same company for nearly 20 years. It was great to me and I learned things that I never thought I would. Somewhere along the way, I started drifting more from my authentic self into a person I didn’t recognize.

I was stressed all the time. I was tired. I socialized less because I was drained and wanted to be at home to relax. I was snappy with people…people I like!

I’m a “people person” and my career transitioned to a place where I wasn’t feeding that best side of me. I launched my wellness business because that’s what I’m great at, but my day job wasn’t allowing me the space to grow.

We’ve all been in positions where we know we weren’t really at our best.

Maybe it was a party you were obligated to go to and you made small talk to get through the night. Maybe it was a business meeting where you weren’t quite prepared because you didn’t sleep well.

And we’ve all been on the opposite side of that where you know you are ON FIRE!

You look forward to the party and even if you don’t know many people there, you’re intrigued with each person you meet and have engaging conversations. You’re well rested and you frickin’ dazzled them at the business meeting with your knowledge and insightful input.

The last few months have been an emotional roller coaster, but it got to the point where my inner voice was yelling so loud that I knew I didn’t have a choice.

I read the book Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway by Susan Jeffers. I had heard of the book before, but never felt compelled to read it since I didn’t have a need. The book was full of great advice, but there was one that hit me hard…

You can handle it

I thought of all the things I’ve been through in my life, both big and small. And here I was with a smile. We deal. That’s what we do. I know that no matter what…I can handle it.

So I quit.

Walking away from a 6-figure income was fucking terrifying, but at the end of the day, I knew I had options.

For every one of my fears, I have 10 more options! And those options are exhilarating!

This isn’t something I did lightly. I met with a posse of experts from the health industry and IT industry. I researched consulting and the job market in the Denver area. I surrounded myself with women on the same path. I hired a business coach. I met with a financial adviser.

I knew that even if I decided to stay at my job, knowledge is power. I would make an informed decision either way. I had a Plan A, B, C, AND D.

If you’re thinking of making a life transition (whether that’s switching careers, ending a relationship, or moving to another city), start taking little steps to learn more and position yourself for your new future. You’ll find power and strength in your research.

3 Steps to Start a Life Transition

    1. Tap Into Your Emotions
      Take the time to reflect on WHY you want a change. If you stay where you are, what will your life look like in 6 months? What about in a year? If you make the change, what will your life look like then? What does that feel like in your gut? Did you just get a knot in your stomach thinking about something one way or another? THAT is a sign, my friend! Don’t ignore it! Journal about it and keep writing even when you think you may have answers.


    1. Sock Away Money
      Money is the number one obstacle for most people. If you can take away that obstacle or at least lower the hurdle you have to jump, it takes a load of stress out of making the change. EVERY time you have money come in…I don’t care if it’s $20 from your aunt for your birthday, put 10-20 percent of it into savings. It might not feel like much, but over time, you’ll realize that you have a cushion to make changes. And if you do decide to stay where you are, you’ll have some play money to celebrate that too!


    1. Network, network, network!
      Start reaching out to people who are where you want to be. Find out how they did it and what opportunities are out there. Learn from their mistakes. Spend more time with friends who encourage you to be your best. If you hang out with the same people and all you do together is bitch about your current state, neither of you are going to get anywhere.


I’ve never felt more clear about a future I can’t see. And it feels great!

TAKE ACTION NOW! Tell me in the comments below about a life transition you had to make. What is it like “on the other side”?

And if you’re wanting to make some changes and aren’t quite sure where to begin, I can help!