The funny thing about getting older is that you don’t really care until suddenly you look in the mirror and think “Damn, I look old!

And then you care…a lot!

When you suddenly wake up and realize you’re starting to show the signs of aging, you scramble and try new anti aging products and hope for a miracle.

(btw, the best marketing EVER is by Philosophy with their “Hope In A Jar”!  So true!  Next up…”On a Wing and a Prayer”.  ha!)

One of the best pieces of advice that I received came from my older sister when I was in my early 20s.  She said Be sure to always wash your face at night.

Back then, I was always going to bed with my makeup on.  It was mostly due to being tired after being out with friends and simply wanting to go to sleep.

There was also the insecurity that comes with dating and you want to look good in the morning.

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I’ve been blessed with a great complexion.  It’s not all in my genes though.  When my sister gave me that advice, I took it to heart and made it a habit.

It doesn’t have to be difficult though.  Make it a habit and your body goes on auto-pilot.  I’ve found that it’s refreshing and I actually sleep better!!

People may think I’m crazy for posting this unflattering pic of me with my mask on.  I’m just keeping it real.  Self care takes work.

Most people think I am anywhere from 5 – 12 years younger than I am!

Let me repeat that…TWELVE years younger!   Hellz to the yeah!

I’ve tried various skincare products over the years.  Some I loved.  Some not-so-much.  Having great skin though made things easier for me, for sure.

Over the past year, my skin started doing some odd things.  Not sure if it’s hormones or what as I’ve been consistent with washing my face and using the same products.  I had a faint rash on my neck that I couldn’t get to go away no matter what I tried.

My friend turned me on to Rodan + Fields Dermatologist’s ReDefine line.  After ONE use, the rash was gone!  I’m not easily swayed, but I was hooked!

Their products are created by award winning dermatologists, Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields.  Their reputation speaks for itself with the huge success of the acne fighting line, ProActiv.  I’m sure you’ve seen the infomercials!

If you truly want to look younger and stop Father Time in his tracks, start taking care of your skin and slow the signs of aging!  If you love your current products, great!  Stick with it!

And if you’re unhappy, keep searching and find an amazing skincare product that works for you.

Another AMAZING tip for making your skin look better??  Drink water!!!  Not convinced?  Check out this 30 day experiment that this woman did…a picture is worth a thousand words!

Take Action Now!

Tell me in the comments below what your trick is to stop the signs of aging.   We can always learn more!