Yep, we all have one…

The ONE person on our Christmas shopping list who has EVERYTHING!

Our Arch Nemesis.

We whiz through our list buying all of the easy ones and then spend a week staring at the list for that one remaining person.

“I’ll take the easy way out and just get a bunch of fun socks”, you tell yourself and then instantly feel guilty because it feels too impersonal.

“Maybe I’ll go big and get a watch.”, and then remember that you did that last year.  Damn!

“Guys love food.  I’ll do one of those food baskets with sausages.”  Now it feels like you’re buying for your Grandpa.


My Arch Nemesis

I have one.  My sister, Kathy.  Well, two, when you count her husband, Bob.

Their home is beautifully decorated.  Their kitchen is stocked with all the gadgets you could want.

He’s got more tools than a Sears store and the garage is full of “stuff”.

Time to get CREATIVE!

So I did what any normal person would do…

I headed to the local Battered Women’s Shelter!

The Perfect Christmas Gift

I found a woman who had a young daughter and got their ‘wish list’.

Off to the store I went to purchase exactly what they wanted.

Perfume for the mom.  Toys for the daughter.  Clothes for both.

I went home, wrapped them up beautifully, and then dropped them off at the shelter.

How did that make it the perfect gift for Kathy and Bob, you ask?

I took pictures of EVERYTHING!  The list, the perfume unwrapped, the perfume wrapped…

I put a note to the shelter that the gift was from them.

And I put all of this in a little photo album to give to Kathy and her husband!


Kathy and Bob LOVED their gift!

The woman and her daughter felt LOVED and the Christmas spirit!

AND I checked off The Person Who Has Everything on my list! Click to Tweet!


What About Your List?

Got someone who loves animals?

Buy a bunch of toys, bedding, etc. and take it to your local animal shelter.  Take pictures of the dogs with the toys!

Got someone who’s a veteran?

Buy a bunch of small food baskets (like for your Grandpa!) and take them to the American Legion.   Any post is full of World War II, Korea, and Vietnam vets with no holiday plans.  Buy them a beer, listen to a story, and take pics!

You get the idea…

Take action now!  Tell me in the comments below of the time you got creative with your Christmas shopping.  Here’s to you finding the Perfect Christmas Gift!

Love and Health!_small