I received a message from a guy who asked “what happens if everyone around you gets pissed that you want more for your life?

My first thought was ‘Get new people!‘, but answered with a little more tact. 😉

After giving his question some consideration, I told him the people in your life should want you to be happy and hopefully want to be supportive. If they don’t understand, that’s ok. It’s not their dream.

You can work to enroll them in your win or you can accept that they disagree.

Many times, people like this will simply fall away from your life. They get uncomfortable watching your changes because they aren’t ready or willing to take a look at themselves.

If you have good intentions and don’t mean them any harm, then don’t feel guilty for wanting what you want!

I’ve found that sometimes people simply need someone to give them permission to what they already want and know they need.

So here I am…giving you permission to want more, go for more, and BE more.

The conversation inspired me to create this video called Rise and Contribute. Because when you have the courage to rise into your highest potential, you can contribute in a bigger way. Contribute to your family, your friends, your work, and make an impact on your world.Rise and Contribute

You want to be happy. You want to make a difference. And you definitely don’t want to look back and have regrets! 

(btw, this guy had already sent me a list of regrets he had of things he didn’t do and no longer physically can.)

Note to self: Don’t be THAT guy!

Click here to watch the video “Rise and Contribute”. It’ll be just the motivation you need to make all the naysayers not matter!

NOW is the time. This is the place. And YOU are ready to rise!