My Philosophy On Nutrition…
I believe that proper nutrition can heal your body. I’ve seen my own body recover much quicker from injury than I’d ever think possible and I know it was due to my healthy eating. Life is meant to be enjoyed and food shouldn’t be an exception. I really love food and definitely splurge! I believe you can eat anything you want in moderation. I’ve found that the healthier I eat, my taste buds change and the things that I once loved that weren’t good for me, now taste disgusting.

Fuel your fire!

It’s important to think, really think, about what you feed your body on a day to day basis. It’s about being mindful with the things that you eat and how they make you feel. When you recognize the foods that make you feel your best, do more of it! And if you want some ice cream, give yourself permission. It’s time you stop those emotional guilt trips about what you ate! There’s no time for that and you’ve got better things to focus on! Let me help!