Intentional Living

My Philosophy On Intentional Living…
I believe your mind is the most powerful tool. It can make or break you. It can be your best friend or your worst enemy. You have to take time to nurture your thoughts…even the negative ones. Let them rise to the surface, hear them, and let them be on their way. And when the positive ones come, let them be your cheerleaders. When you are really in tune with the frequency of your life, MAGIC happens.  We feel alive when we are growing and challenging our minds. I continually strive to find ways to challenge myself both mentally and physically. We can work together to create more satisfaction in your own life.

Zen isn’t just for yogis!

It is important to make time in your busy life to hear your inner voice. When that voice drives your day to day, you will begin to live with intention. You will make choices that really have meaning to you. When you listen to your heart and work to create a life where you feel what you want to feel, you can’t go wrong! I promise!