Radical Reflection Mini-Course

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[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]“Radical Reflection: Look Inward to Move Forward ™” is a mini-course to help you reflect on several aspects of your life and start thinking about what you want to create in the year ahead.

Before you get started, dig out a picture of yourself from one year ago.  Use this as a tool to see how you’ve changed over the past year.  Think about how you were feeling about the satisfaction of your life then compared to now.

In areas where you’ve improved, make note of what worked and what you’d like to continue into the new year.

If there are areas that you want to be better, make note of those as well, so you can begin to plan a new path.

Watch the video in each lesson and then find a quiet moment to sit down and go through the worksheet for that lesson.

My wish for you is that you discover some things about yourself and set positive intentions for your life in the new year that will bring you happiness and fulfillment![/text_block]

The Lessons…

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Welcome, I’m Tami!

Using my superpowers of positivity, business prowess, and passion for health, I help overwhelmed people make lifestyle changes to improve their health, increase confidence, and create long-term joy.

I believe it’s the day to day decisions that impact our overall happiness. It’s not about being perfect…it’s about self-love and living life to your greatest potential! When you take control, you will Love Your Lifestyle™!

Tami McVay[/text_block]

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