I wanted to share one of my favorite exercises with you, so you can be sure to add it to your routine!

It’s called the Lying Pullover. Many people tend to overlook it because it works so many muscles in your body and they don’t know where to include it in their routine.

It’s primarily upper body, but has a lot of isometric benefits in your lower body. (HINT: “Isometric” is simply working the muscle by contracting. For example, while sitting, squeeze your butt and flex…that’s isometric. 🙂 )

One of the Best Upper Body Exercises

The Lying Pullover is one of the best upper body exercises because it targets the long head of your triceps, your upper back (lats) and hits the upper chest as you reach the top of the exercise.

To perform the exercise, you lay just your upper back/shoulder blades on the bench perpendicular to the bench and form a bridge with the rest of your body (like a T). You then take a dumbbell and stretch it over your head and back to above your chest.

For a visual, watch the video below. He lays on the bench fully, but for me (and probably most women) I’m not long enough to be able to reach over the top of the bench. This is why I do the bridge. Plus you get more benefits my way!

Video Demonstration

Check out this example by Brett Azar from HowCast.

The Reasons I Love the Lying Pullover

      • The overhead reach stretches out my back and feels great!
      • I finally started to see results in my triceps when I added this to my routine.
      • When you form the bridge, you’re forced to tighten your core and squeeze your butt…always great for added body strength!
      • Not many exercises hit so many muscles (and are still enjoyable! ha!). (Tweet that!)

Take Action Now

Tell me in the comments below if you do this exercise and what you love about it! If you don’t do it, tell me if you’re going to try it. You can do it!!

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Photo/video credit: YouTube video of Brett Azar from HowCast