When I’ve overindulged or generally feeling like I need to buckle down with my health, I have a few tricks up my sleeve to jump start my metabolism.

What is a Two-A-Day, you ask?

A Two-A-Day is simply working out twice a day.

Now before you freak out and say “But Tami!  I’m lucky if I go once!”, read on…

This little trick is one of the fastest ways for me to start seeing results.  I don’t even have to do it very long…maybe 2 weeks.

I get up and first thing on an empty stomach, I do some cardio.  It doesn’t have to be crazy intense and it doesn’t have to be a long amount of time.

I head to the gym or outdoors and walk at an incline at a brisk pace for 20-30 minutes.  Every now and then, I’ll go for a full hour, but it’s really not necessary.

Then, later in the day, I go to the gym to lift weights as I normally would.  You can do that as well, or do another moderate cardio session.

Keep in mind that you don’t want to do this with intense bouts of exercise as it can lead to injuries and overtraining!

These workouts can also be helpful if you find you’re short on time and can’t get away for a full hour for exercise.  Even several 10 minute workouts a day can show improvements!

Why Does it Work?

After you work out, your body will continue to burn calories for a short period of time.  By working out twice a day, you’re getting a double dose of this ‘afterburn’ effect.

This also puts your body in a state of ‘alert’.  Your brain tells your body that it needs to be prepared for the next round of exercise and it’s not sure when it’s coming.  It just forces things to run a little more optimally for a while…thus boosting your metabolism.

An Added Bonus!

When you start your day with exercise, it shifts your physiology.  You’re more apt to be in a better state mentally for your day, increase productivity, and you may find that you eat better as well.

You’ll gain clarity and can create your day on your terms!

Take Action Now

Tell me in the comments below how you feel after a week of trying Two-A-Days!

Love and Health! Tami McVay