Your Trip to Transformation is waiting for you in…

Ambergris Caye, Belize

April 14-21, 2018

P R I V A T E   I N V I T E   O N L Y  –  Adventure Retreat for Your Soul

April 14 – 21, 2018 – Turn Possibility Into Reality and Start Living Your Adventure NOW with Mentor, Adventure Seeker, and Positive Game Changer Tami McVay.

When was the last time you spent a week to let yourself dream about what you want to create in your life? Most people will never take control and put their own desires first. It feels too selfish.Belize - San Pedro | Tami McVay - Wellness & Lifestyle Coach

You are different. You know that REAL change will only happen when you take a moment to yourself. Self care isn’t selfish…It’s one of the most generous things you can do!

You’ve always wanted to do something unique…adventurous…exciting…

What would life look like if you finally gave yourself permission in 2018?

Would you show up differently? How would it feel if you took back control and felt FREE?

Well, I’m here to tell you that your life will COMPLETELY TRANSFORM when you discover what you’re capable of and truly step into the powerful person you were meant to be!

When you combine adventure with personal development, it’s like adding jet fuel to your spark!


Total Immersion

You can easily read self-help books and attend local workshops. You’re fired up, excited to make changes, but then life happens…cooking dinner, laundry, watching tv…and you quickly forget to apply what you learned.

When you learn something powerful on a retreat, you’ll have the time to absorb the information, be with your thoughts, and have deeper conversations to create a solid plan for your future.


Meditation isn’t just sitting on a pillow and saying “ommmm“. When you’re physically active, you focus on the task at hand, giving your brain a mental break.

Studies have proven when your brain is in an active rest state (not sleeping), your subconscious kicks in and creativity flows.

What does that mean?? A-HA Moments!

Crushing through Fears

When you do something you’ve never done before, it’s naturally a little scary. Whether it’s really dangerous or not, doesn’t matter. The fact that you have a fear crop up can leave you frozen in your tracks and prevent you from living your life fully and powerfully.

Going on an adventure retreat and doing exciting things out of your normal day-to-day, you’ll discover when you push through your fears it makes it much easier to push through fears back home…like asking for the raise you deserve!

Mental Toughness

Some times things come along in life that challenge you…a divorce, a layoff, an injury…and you gradually become mentally stronger.

There’s nothing like getting caught in a rain storm, lost in a strange place, or having to tap into the deepest parts of you to physically keep going to build your mental toughness. When you do, it will allow you to be more flexible, stronger, and determined to conquer your goals when you get back home!

Your Power Posse

When you make the decision to create a better life for yourself, some people in your current circle may not understand and grow with you.

By surrounding yourself with other amazing action takers, you’ll have the support you need, can learn from each others’ experiences, and be able to AMPLIFY your lives together! The connections you make will last a lifetime!!

Your World Will Open Up

As you begin to realize that your dreams are MUCH closer to being your reality than you imagined, your world will open up!

The right people to support you will suddenly appear and incredible opportunities will start to come your way.

You’ll feel expansive, unstoppable, and hungry for more!

More Happiness, More Fulfillment, More YOU

Meet Tami

“To live a vibrant life, you must first find your courage.”

From the Marine Corps to Mentor, Tami McVay knows what courage it takes to keep driving to make YOUR life and the lives of the people around you BETTER.

With her military background, 20 years in corporate IT, online entrepreneurship, and decades of personal development, it’s rare to find an expert to encompass such a diverse playing field.

Tami’s passion for health and fitness, dedication to service through charity, and travels around the world result in a vibrant life well lived.

Tami supports driven entrepreneurs and professionals who are ready to up their game…personally, mentally, professionally… and need a little help to take it to the next level.

Her motto: Lead by Lifestyle!

How Would It Feel To…

Get crystal clear on your future, knowing what it takes to create that life you’ve secretly been craving…all while being in an intimate, beautiful setting with other driven people like you?

Adventure (noun) – an exciting or very unusual experience; participation in exciting undertakings;

On your journey to discovering who you are meant to be, it can feel risky. The greatest risk you can take is living an unfulfilled life.

When you wake up every day and choose possibilities, you’ll create a life full of exciting experiences. One experience after another, you’ll build the strength, courage, and inner drive to live life passionately and authentically.

The moment will come when you KNOW…you’ve arrived at Destination YOU.

After years of being around adventure racing, I know the key trait of high performance is adaptability. With life, you won’t know what adventures are in store for you, so you have to learn how to adjust and keep moving forward.

You’ll discover more about yourself as you have fun, push through fears, and do things you normally wouldn’t do. Or as the Marines say…”Adapt and Overcome!

By the end of our week, you’ll feel more confident, invigorated, and thrilled to take on more challenges.

The Adventures Revealed!

Our trip to Belize is an incredibly unique experience with all the details and adventure planned for you. 95% of people will never leave their comfort zones to try new things. Not you…it’s GAME ON!

Swim With Sharks – People make up stories in their mind of all the things that could possibly wrong and 99% of the time, it never comes true. Pushing through your fears reminds you that most of the time, it’s simply nothing more than “a story”. When you’re floating with these beautiful creatures, you’ll know you can take on anything.

Tubing Through Caves and Zip Lining –  No trip is complete without a headlamp and exploration! Belize has a 7 mile cave system that is stunning. Floating along into the unknown will make you realize you don’t always have to be clear of the path ahead. You’re resourceful, have faith and an open mind, along with a team of support…there’s no goal too small for you!

Find Your Inner Warrior – We’re heading into the jungle to take a look at the past and appreciate the lessons that came before us. After we explore the Mayan ruins, we’ll have a delicious lunch in a tree house…because we’re all a kid at heart! The day will wrap up with an ancient tradition of a healing mud mask. You’re a warrior and it’s time you step up in your life…FOR YOU!

Check out this live video where I talk in detail about what we’ll be doing and WHY I created such a remarkable experience. 

Why Belize?

I want to take you back to where it all began for me. Belize was one of the first countries I traveled to and it was magical!

Beautiful water…dolphins, rays, and sharks everywhere, friendly people, and quaint luxury nestled near the cute little town of San Pedro.

You will be able to disconnect from the demands of your life and focus on YOU. Your dreams, your possibilities, and the actions you need to take to get to real fulfillment.

Spots are limited because I want to be able to give you my ALL to create the life you want.

Giving Back

I believe in being of service. When you’re at your best, you give back. And when things are less than ideal, you give back. There is always someone out there who needs you and would love to have the life you have. It’s humbling and a great reminder to be grateful EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

Science also shows that it boosts your mental health and and since we’re in this life to WIN, let’s SERVE. We’ll be doing something special in Belize (shhh…it’s a surprise!).

The Deep Dive

The real magic of being around a group of other elite high performers is that you can draw from each other’s experiences, challenges, and ideas…skyrocketing the success in your own life!

You only know what you know.

This phrase reminds me to keep learning and being open to new ideas. Throughout the week, we’ll be diving deep into the key areas that make a fulfilling life. Imagine what your life would look like when you:

  • Own your knowledge and expertise to position yourself for maximum success in your career
  • Lead your life with intention to create greater fulfillment in your days
  • Nurture and grow the relationships that inspire and lift you to your best
  • Take care of yourself from the inside out without feeling guilty or selfish
  • Get crystal clear on what you want, how you want to feel, with the faith and determination you can get there

Plus, you’ll have time on your own to chill by the pool, be with your thoughts, or share some laughs with the others. Your best ideas will come to you when you’re relaxing!

This is for you if…

  • Your life is good, but you know it can be GREAT!
  • You want to be a part of something bigger than yourself.
  • You believe positivity will get you further in life than brute force.
  • You’re not sure what you want, but you’re ready to take the time to figure it out.
  • You’re ready to treat life like the adventure it is…growth, flexibility, and leveling UP!


Are you ready to experience Belize Tami-style?!

Destination YOU Details


Saturday, April 14th – Saturday, April 21st

April 14 – Arrive in Belize City and fly to Ambergris Caye (Island Flight INCLUDED!), relax and welcome dinner

April 15 – April 20 – Intensive Destination YOU training with a customized deep dive into all areas of your life…business, work, relationships, health, goals. Plus, exciting fun excursions to get your heart racing!

April 21 – Fly back to Belize City excited to put your new dreams in action!

More details to follow upon acceptance of your application.


Your Investment in Destination YOU Includes:

  • 7 Luxurious Nights in a Shared Room in Our Private Villa with Pool
  • Delicious Meals Prepared by Our Very Own Chef
  • Exciting Adventures to Challenge You, Excite You, and Pamper You
  • ALL Intensive Personal Development Training and Materials
  • Comfy Hammocks and Plenty of Downtime for Recharging and Introspection
  • Flights from Belize City to Ambergris Caye
  • 4 Group Training Calls after the Retreat to support you as you IMPLEMENT
  • Note: Flight from your home city to Belize City not included

Paid in Full: $6500

Payment Option: $2000 to secure your spot on this intimate adventure, 4 Monthly Payments of $1200

Payments are due upon acceptance of application.

I can’t wait to live this adventure with you!
Get ready to take your life to the next exciting level!

Application Instructions

IMPORTANT! After I receive your application, you’ll receive an email confirmation that we got it. We’ll also schedule a Zoom call with you.

On the quick Zoom call, we’ll meet and you’ll tell me in 5 minutes or less why YOU must be chosen to join this incredible group of people to experience this powerful personal journey in a stunning location. Feel free to tell me anything else you think I should know before approving your application!

Upon acceptance of your application, you’ll receive an invoice for the payment or deposit and release form.  Return immediately to ensure your spot is reserved as spaces are limited.

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