Woot! You're In! Before you go...

What if you didn't have to "guess" what works for your body?

You know detoxing is great for you…that’s why you’re here!

One thing I know for sure with health and diets is that you can learn all about different foods and how they impact the body, but it’s still an experiment as to what YOUR body responds to as each of us are different.

Different environments, different food cravings, different immune systems.

That’s why I knew I needed to check out this cutting edge technology by Viome that was on the Dr. Oz show and raved about by experts like Dr. Mark Hyman and Dave Asprey of Bulletproof.

You’ll no longer have to guess what will work for your body…they’ll tell you!

And their advice isn’t just “Eat more veggies“…they go into detail like “indulge in cauliflower, enjoy green beans, and minimize prunes“. (This is what they actually recommended for ME!)

Viome Helps You…

  • Determine the best nutrition for achieving and maintaining the body weight you want!
  • Know the correct, unique combination of foods to eat that optimize your body’s energy production and enhance your focus to eliminate brain fog.
  • Improve your skin because optimizing your health on the inside reflects radiance on the outside.
  • Understand what foods are right for your unique biochemistry to create a more efficient digestive system – resulting in maximal energy.
  • Maintain a healthy functioning gut, which may improve your sleep, restoration and recovery.
  • Optimize your gut health which has been shown to decrease stress and anxiety and significantly reduces depression risk.


If you decide you want to buy a Viome Kit today, I’m gifting you an EXTRA $20 OFF because I know what an impact gut health makes on everything…from your mood to your weight to preventing disease.

(You should know, I only recommend products that I’ve used or experienced myself and this one is absolutely fascinating! Because I’m sharing it with you, I will get a little kickback if you try it too. Everyone wins!)