Have you ever gotten a promotion and then over time realized that the new role sucked?

I have. And it’s not a good feeling.

If you step back down, you feel like a failure (even if that’s not the case).

So you grind it out feeling resentful until a new opportunity presents itself.

There’s this underlying pressure from society to keep moving UP in our work.

Corporate ladders, individual successes, have all-be all…

Keeping up with the Jones, as they say.

It can take a lot of cajones to stand up and say “No thanks, I’m good where I’m at.” or “I have a different vision for myself.

Instead you put your feelings aside and put on your Happy Face.

Warm and Fuzzy Feelings

To thrive at your deepest soul level, you NEED change and personal growth. That’s what keeps you from feeling stagnant, restless, bored…

The beautiful thing is you have the power to define what that looks like for you.

It can be scary not knowing what that looks like. You can be afraid of the unknown. The key is to know HOW you want to feel.

When you take some time to figure out HOW you want to feel, you can start making decisions in your life to generate those feelings.

You instantly remove pressure from the outcome, role, or job as long as it’s generating the feelings you want to create in your life.

Say you want to feel energetic and connection, but you’re in a job where you work alone throughout the day in a cubicle. You’ll more than like start to feel trapped and depressed.

If you make it a point to find a job where you’re up and about interacting with people, you’ll feel more at home and likely to be happier.

Too many times we make decisions in our lives based on what we’re qualified for and the benefits while ignoring our natural desires.

Desire isn’t a dirty word. WANT what you want. FEEL how you want to feel.

Look Your Desire In the Eye | Tami McVay - Wellness & Lifestyle Coach


Snappy = No Bueno

The last year of my corporate job I was under a lot of pressure. I handle stress well, but for an extended amount of time, it was beginning to take it’s toll on me.

At my core, I am a very positive person. I’m positive even when I probably shouldn’t be. I had worked with great people and I found myself being snappy with them more often.

I didn’t like being bitchy with them and I craved being in a work environment where I could bring out the best of me.

I knew I wanted positivity and freedom.

I started to make changes and decisions in my life to set me up in way that allowed me to have both.

It wasn’t easy and it’s still not always easy.

Overall, I live my life now in a way where I can generate those feelings in a split second. ABRACADABRA!

It’s a powerful place to be!

Take Action Now

Cruise on over to this list of feelings and pick 3 that you would love to feel on a daily basis. Once you have your 3, evaluate how often you’re feeling these in your life currently.

If you’re not, figure out what the hell you need to change to start generating these feelings more often.

Comment below and let me know what your 3 feelings are and what you’re doing to feel the way you WANT to feel.

Photo credit: ©Depositphotos/@Slphotography