Love Your Entrepreneur Lifestyle™

Love Your Entrepreneur Lifestyle™!

You want to start building your business online. You know it’s the way to go for more freedom and to reach more people.

You’ve started doing it. You have a Facebook business page. Maybe you even have a website that you cringe when you look at it.

You’re feeling a little overwhelmed at all of the information out there and the tech stuff goes way over your head.

You know you have a lot to offer, but how do you know go about implementing those ideas? Not to mention money…sure, it’d be great if you could hire someone to do everything. You’re feeling stuck because you don’t know what to do first. Let alone HOW to do it.

You wish that…

…you had a better understanding of the tech stuff. Or have someone tell you step-by-step what you need to do to make it all work…like yesterday.

….you knew how to get better results with your social media.  You’re on many social media sites and just not feeling the love on any of them.

….you could grasp online marketing.  You’ve read a lot, but don’t understand what half of it means!

You’re ready to take QUICK action to FINALLY make progress, but you don’t know what to do because it’s so overwhelming. If you only knew what to do, you’d feel better and it would be worth your time.

Great News! I was JUST LIKE YOU and know how to SUPPORT you!

Love Your Entrepreneur Lifestyle™ | Tami McVay - Wellness & Lifestyle Coach I’ll help you understand what you have to do to figure it all out so you can get RESULTS! I’ll help you strategize to make the most of your time online.

It’s hard work and takes a lot of patience. I’ll help you understand the tech side, so you don’t smash your computer out of frustration!

I bring my 20 years of corporate experience as a business analyst and software developer combined with several years of learning the ins and outs of entrepreneurship to help you fast track your online presence!

Absolutely EVERYTHING you see on my site, I do myself! From graphics to coding to marketing to copywriting. See something you like? Ask me about it in our session!

When we’re done, you’ll have clarity and a plan moving forward!

Our time together can be spent strategizing on:

Tami McVay - Wellness & Lifestyle CoachEmail Marketing

Knowing how to automate and maximize your reach through email is the KEY to success in the online world.

Tami McVay - Wellness & Lifestyle CoachWebsite Strategy

Understanding the fundamentals of your website is critical to showing your clients who you are and what you offer. There’s no need to spend thousands of dollars on a software developer to do some of the basic things for you.

Tami McVay - Wellness & Lifestyle CoachPersonal Branding

It’s crucial to show authenticity and your personality in all that you do online. Your clients want a genuine personal connection with you. When they like you, they’ll buy from you.

Tami McVay - Wellness & Lifestyle CoachContent Creation

If you have a million ideas and no clue how to create it, then you’re stuck. Once you know how to go about doing it, you can create QUICKLY.

Tami McVay - Wellness & Lifestyle CoachTech Approach

Some people have the Tech Gene in their DNA and some people don’t. A little guidance can go a long way!

Tami McVay - Wellness & Lifestyle CoachSocial Media Strategy

With so many social media platforms to choose from, it can be difficult to know where and how to maximize your time. Social media is truly the fastest way to grow your business.

How It Works

My consulting rate is $197 per 1 hour session. This approach lets you pop in and get the advice you need when you need it! No big commitment. It can be the kickstart you need or a big push through an obstacle.

If you get one new client or it saves you hours of figuring it out yourself, would it be worth it? Hell yes!

Let’s Get Started

Are you ready to fast track your business in the online world?

Step 1.  Sign up to schedule a 15 minute consultation with me to ensure it’s a great fit.

Step 2.  If we decide to work together, I’ll email you an invoice. Easy as that!

Step 3.  When we meet, you’re going to be clear and confident in NO TIME!

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What Others Are Saying…

Keri M. Testimonial | Tami McVay - Wellness & Lifestyle Coach“She was the compass I needed to help me regroup & recalibrate then choose a direction(s) I wanted to pursue, with personalization & authenticity”

Tami brought a new perspective to my life in a time I needed it the most. I was spinning my wheels, fresh out of a relationship break-up, unhappy in my job, in a bit of a personal fog and having lost track of what purpose I was bringing to my life.

She was the compass I needed to help me regroup & recalibrate then choose a direction(s) I wanted to pursue, with personalization & authenticity, based on what I valued at the core of my being.

Since my sessions with Tami, I have obtained my DREAM JOB! This job represents the first time in my life that my experience and skill set in Tech & Project Management have merged with my passions & interests in coaching in a positive, people-centric corporate culture based around physical and emotional wellness.

I came to Tami approaching my issues with “I have to choose between making a good, regular income in an industry I’m no longer passionate about OR less $$ while building my passion business (coaching).” This mindset was making me feel deprived, trapped, overwhelmed (esp. as a single Mom financially supporting myself & my child full-time) and potentially left with a huge sense of fear of missing out as I’d maybe always wonder “what if I chose the other one, how would my life be better/different?

I’m still in massive disbelief that I have landed this job and cannot thank Tami enough for challenging me to not only see my value in both of these worlds, but to actually believe in it. This concept alone has improved my wellbeing & self-confidence incredibly.

I only scratched the surface of what Tami brings to the table as a coach in my sessions with her. I would recommend someone who feels stuck in their life, career or business to speak to Tami to gain clarity and have her help them great refocused and take clear, personalized action steps, which will build momentum and confidence for them to eventually take this part of their life to the next level. Tami is amazing!

– Keri M., Vancouver, B.C., Senior IT Manager and Owner of Avid Earthling


Phyllis W. - Testimonial - Tami McVay -Wellness & Lifestyle Coach“After working with you, I had a feeling of support/belief that I can turn my passion into a personally rewarding endeavor.”

Working with anyone puts you in a position of discussing areas where you are lacking, being open and exposed. There are always thoughts of “What will Tami think of my challenges/weaknesses?“. I think this is a significant reason that limits people from seeking coaching/training. After working with you, I had a feeling of support/belief that I can turn my passion into a personally rewarding endeavor and confirmation that money is not what matters to me and that I am where I am supposed to be.

You are easy to talk to, very insightful and supportive and I have observed that people, not just me, are comfortable around you. I feel that you genuinely care about helping guide and support others to identify and pursue their passion and overcome challenges. I was impressed and am encouraged to take action on the things we discussed and even more so when you immediately provided information and resources to assist me with my next steps.

I feel the phone meeting was perfect. It made it very easy to allot the time, regardless of how busy I may have been. Like you said, less pressure/time to not have to dress and drive. Not sure if it is true, but people are often more comfortable/safer over the phone than in person – less threatening…back to “How will this go, sharing and being open, etc.?

Like any relationship it creates a sense of accountability. Your style creates more of a supportive partnership type accountability than just an external check list type accountability. I am encouraged and feel empowered to take a first/next step toward creating my next career.

– Phyllis W., Ft. Collins, CO, Co-Owner of Dark Heart Coffee Bar


Lori H - Testimonial - Tami McVay -Wellness & Lifestyle Coach“I would recommend Tami without hesitation.”

Tami McVay has a combination of smarts, savvy and compassion when coaching. She assisted me in developing a solid plan to reach my goals, and was able to easily modify her style to meet mine ensuring greater success. I would recommend Tami without hesitation.

– Lori H., Ft. Collins, CO, Director of Emergency Management and Recovery


Renee F. - Testimonial - Tami McVay -Wellness & Lifestyle Coach“You have a lot of great ideas and strategy about working out, tech, business and life.”

I love your enthusiasm and knowledge. You know what you’re talking about! I love talking to you and feeling motivated. You are organized, resourceful and knowledgeable. Also friendly and practical. You have a lot of great ideas and strategy about working out, tech, business and life.

I would recommend you to someone who was serious about making changes in her life and ready to commit to taking action. People should know that you’re a no-nonsense, get to the bottom of things kind of person with great ideas and tons of practical knowledge. And you’re awesome!

– Renee F., Chicago, IL, Dating Coach and Owner of Renee Suzanne Coaching