“OMG, you’re eating a sugar cookie!”

This little comment at last weekend’s holiday party turned into a conversation about what I do to prepare for holiday parties to ensure that I don’t add any of the dreaded holiday weight gain.

I know that many health professionals will tell you what not to eat at the party and how you should swap the alcohol for club soda…I’m not one of them!

I am a realist.

Temptations go with parties like peanut butter goes with chocolate. Click to Tweet!

You can have all of the best intentions and they get left at the door with your coat.

My approach…don’t fight it and take steps to limit any collateral damage.

My PROVEN Tips to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

In this video, I’m going to tell you SEVEN of my PROVEN little tricks to ensure that I don’t gain weight over the holidays.

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Love and Health! Tami McVay