The Ultimate Sanctuary for Your Success

An Exclusive Adventure Retreat with

Welcome to The Ultimate Sanctuary in Monterey, California!

P R I V A T E   I N V I T E   O N L Y  –  Adventure Retreat for Your Soul

Oct. 5 – 7, 2018 – Create Your Weekend to WIN with Mentor, Adventure Seeker, and Positive Game Changer Tami McVay.

As the saying goes…”Life is measured by moments.”

DestinationYOU Monterey was created to be jam packed with magical moments just for you.

From the second you arrive at The Sanctuary, you’ll feel your stresses being taken away with the ocean breeze. The raw beauty of the beach combined with the contemporary feel of the intimate resort will leave you breathless.

Lantern | DestinationYOU Adventure Retreat - Monterey | Tami McVay - Business & Lifestyle Strategist | Mentor

Isn’t it time to fill your cup?

Our powerful weekend together kicks off with a decadent dinner at the amazing Salt Wood restaurant. Incredibly beautiful, warm and contemporary, it’s the perfect setting for us to get to know each other and unwind.

Saturday is our day for adventure! We’ll head out to sea with the best marine biologists in the area on our own private charter. Monterey has the deepest submarine canyon on the West coast. The canyon is 95 miles long and TWICE as deep as the Grand Canyon!

In October, this deep, cold water draws in all kinds of wildlife…from Orca whales, Humpbacks, Blue whales, dolphins, and even Great White Sharks!

Who knows what we’ll see in this natural playground, but it’s sure to be an unforgettable experience! Afterward, we’ll have a little BBQ lunch to tell our tales.

You’ll have the afternoon and evening to yourself to read a book or explore the amazing Monterey area. With so much to see, like the world famous Monterey Bay Aquarium, golf at Pebble Beach, or wander the cute shops on Cannery Row, you’ll be sure to find something you’ll love.

As an added treat to the weekend, you can head to see the majestic Monarch butterflies to create another special moment. Unlike other butterflies (baffling scientists), they live a longer life and migrate thousands of miles to the area every October. The butterfly is the symbol for transformation…how fitting!

Lantern | DestinationYOU Adventure Retreat - Monterey | Tami McVay - Business & Lifestyle Strategist | MentorDestinationYOU After Dark! 

No trip to the beach is complete without a campfire! We’ll cozy up for some bonding and story telling on our final night.

Our exclusive private party will be the perfect ending to a glorious day!

Success starts with you!

Sunday morning over breakfast we wrap up the weekend getting you crystal clear on what the next steps are to get you from where you are to where you want to BE.

The beautiful thing about this life is that YOU define what success looks like to you and YOU decide what you’re willing to do to get it!

You’ll leave feeling rejuvenated and recharged and be ready to create your WIN.

If you want to WIN, you have to be ready to PLAY!  What would life look like if you finally gave yourself permission to escape your daily demands and played?


Join us Oct. 5 – 7, 2018 for an incredible weekend of relaxing, connecting, and exploring!

You work hard to create a life of freedom and happiness; yet, you rarely take the time to recharge and define what that looks like.

Imagine disconnecting from everything, sitting on the beach, laughing with other driven people, and getting clear on what you want to do with your life next.

Toss in some decadent food, a little adventure, and your soul will squeal with delight!


Escape to find yourself again!

Tami has really knocked it out of the park.

Training is on point, food is phenomenal, accommodations are not just gorgeous, but more importantly, peaceful and the adventure today…yeah, I almost held a shark in my arms! The training just set everything today up for BIG WINS! Nerene B.

Arvada, CO., Owner, All Staged Up

When you combine adventure with personal development, it’s like adding jet fuel to your spark!


Total Immersion

You can easily read self-help books and attend local workshops. You’re fired up, excited to make changes, but then life happens…cooking dinner, laundry, watching tv…and you quickly forget to apply what you learned. When you learn something powerful on a retreat, you’ll have the time to absorb the information, be with your thoughts, and have deeper conversations to create a solid plan for your future.


Meditation isn’t just sitting on a pillow and saying “ommmm“. When you’re physically active, you focus on the task at hand, giving your brain a mental break. Studies have proven when your brain is in an active rest state (not sleeping), your subconscious kicks in and creativity flows. What does that mean?? A-HA Moments!

Crushing through Fears

When you do something you’ve never done before, it’s naturally a little scary. Whether it’s really dangerous or not, doesn’t matter. The fact that you have a fear crop up can leave you frozen in your tracks and prevent you from living your life fully and powerfully. Going on an adventure retreat and doing exciting things out of your normal day-to-day, you’ll discover when you push through your fears it makes it much easier to push through fears back home…like asking for the raise you deserve!

Mental Toughness

Some times things come along in life that challenge you…a divorce, a layoff, an injury…and you gradually become mentally stronger. There’s nothing like getting caught in a rain storm, lost in a strange place, or having to tap into the deepest parts of you to physically keep going to build your mental toughness. When you do, it will allow you to be more flexible, stronger, and determined to conquer your goals when you get back home!

Your Power Posse

When you make the decision to create a better life for yourself, some people in your current circle may not understand and grow with you. By surrounding yourself with other amazing action takers, you’ll have the support you need, can learn from each others’ experiences, and be able to AMPLIFY your lives together! The connections you make will last a lifetime!!

Your World Will Open Up

As you begin to realize that your dreams are MUCH closer to being your reality than you imagined, your world will open up! The right people to support you will suddenly appear and incredible opportunities will start to come your way. You’ll feel expansive, unstoppable, and hungry for more!

More Happiness, More Fulfillment, More YOU

Meet Tami

“To live a vibrant life, you must first find your courage.”

From the Marine Corps to Mentor, Tami McVay knows what courage it takes to keep driving to make YOUR life and the lives of the people around you BETTER. With her military background, 20 years in corporate IT, online entrepreneurship, and decades of personal development, it’s rare to find an expert to encompass such a diverse playing field. Tami’s passion for health and fitness, dedication to service through charity, and travels around the world result in a vibrant life well lived. Tami supports driven entrepreneurs and professionals who are ready to up their game…personally, mentally, professionally… and need a little help to take it to the next level. Her motto: Lead by Lifestyle!

Here’s what others had to say about Destination YOU….

Don’t let this be you! Tami McVay | Tami McVay - Business & Lifestyle Strategist | Mentor

Be This instead! Tami McVay | Tami McVay - Business & Lifestyle Strategist | Mentor

Tami is such a gifted mentor.

I am so kicking myself for NOT going!! Dena K.

Tampa, FL., Realtor

So Let Me Ask YOU…How Would It Feel To…

Get crystal clear on your future, knowing what it takes to create that life you’ve secretly been craving…all while being in an intimate, beautiful setting with other driven people like you?

Adventure (noun) – an exciting or very unusual experience; participation in exciting undertakings;

On your journey to discovering who you are meant to be, it can feel risky. The greatest risk you can take is living an unfulfilled life.

When you wake up every day and choose possibilities, you’ll create a life full of exciting experiences. One experience after another, you’ll build the strength, courage, and inner drive to live life passionately and authentically.

The moment will come when you KNOW…you’ve arrived at Destination YOU.

Your Sanctuary Awaits!

Our memorable weekend in Monterey is an incredibly unique experience with all the details and adventure planned for you.

Find Your Peace – Nothing brings tranquility like having your toes in the sand and staring at the mesmerizing waves crashing while deep in thought. No errands. No meetings. No calls. This is YOUR time!

Make Meaningful Connections – Sitting around a campfire with no pretenses sharing stories and dreams with new and old friends is what life is all about. Genuine conversations and inspiration flow freely in your sanctuary!

Enjoy the Exploration –  Life is an adventure and you were meant to explore! From your inner world to your outer world, you’re ready to take it on. Whether it’s capturing majestic animals playing on camera or capturing your deepest dreams on paper, you’re excited for the discoveries to come!

Why Monterey?

I was raised in the Monterey area and always love going back. I want you to experience the magic with me. The ocean soothes my soul and I know it will for you too!

When you’re looking out across the beautiful blue waters with a breeze in your hair, you’ll have A-HA moments, a sense of gratitude, and see the world of possibilities opening up before you!

Spots are limited because I believe creating a powerful sanctuary should be an intimate experience.

The Hidden Treasure

The real magic of being around a group of other elite high performers is that you can draw from each other’s experiences, challenges, and ideas…skyrocketing the success in your own life!

You only know what you know.

Successful people know to keep learning and always be open to new ideas. The Ultimate Sanctuary is made to ignite your success! Imagine what your life would look like when you:

  • Disconnect from your daily demands and find some peace to listen to your intuition
  • Let yourself dream again to create even greater fulfillment in your days
  • Nurture and grow new relationships that inspire and lift you to your best
  • Say YES to you without feeling guilty or selfish
  • Get crystal clear on what you want, how you want to feel, and know what to do next

Plus, you’ll have time on your own to explore, be with your thoughts, or share some laughs with the others. Your best ideas will come to you when you’re relaxing!

Tami is definitely a major player in the mentoring field!

I was so happy I was able to spend time learning the tools I needed. So glad I went! It was life altering! Deb B.

Sparks, NV., Owner, Ageless Ascent

This is for you if…

  • You could really use a break to disconnect and recharge.
  • You love nature, simplicity, and also like to indulge on the finer things in life.
  • You know life can be GREAT when surrounded with amazing people!
  • You want to be a part of something bigger than yourself.
  • You believe positivity should be a core value of everyone.
  • You’re hungry for MORE and ready to see what that looks like for you!
  • You’re ready to treat life like the adventure it is…growth, flexibility, and leveling UP!

Are you ready to experience California Tami-style?!

Destination YOU Details


Friday, October 5th – Sunday, October 7th

Oct. 5 – Travel from your home town to your sanctuary in Monterey, CA. Exclusive kickoff dinner starts at 7pm.

Oct. 6 – A full day of relaxing, fun, and adventure! A.K.A. THEE PERFECT DAY From exploring the sea to an intimate bonfire on the beach, life doesn’t get any better!

Oct. 7 – Success training over breakfast to wrap up this rejuvenating weekend. You’ll leave with new dreams, new friends, and a new plan! You can choose to head home or spend more time in the beautiful Monterey area.


Your Investment in Destination YOU Includes:

  • 2 Nights in a Shared Room in the picturesque Sanctuary Resort in Monterey
  • Exclusive Kickoff Dinner on Friday night
  • Private Boat Charter with Marine Biologists to Explore the Monterey Bay
  • BBQ Lunch by the Bay
  • Intimate Beach Bonfire Celebration
  • Sunday Breakfast with ALL Success Training and Materials

***Transportation from your home city to/from Monterey, California not included


Your Investment: $1997  $1697 (Introductory Deal!)  

Bring a friend or spouse for an additional group discount of $200!

2 Payment Plan Option Available with $500 NON-Refundable Deposit

SPOTS ARE LIMITED. Lock in your spot with a $500 deposit immediately. You will kick yourself if it fills up before you decide to commit!

Payment Options
Got questions before you signup? No problem! Schedule a time for a quick chat here.

There is no status quo for you…time to head off the beaten path and live differently! Your peace is waiting for you at

DestinationYOU Monterey: The Ultimate Sanctuary for Your Success!


I know how much you like adventure, Tami! Is this weekend physical at all?
This weekend is meant to be a SANCTUARY…a relaxing getaway. You have nothing to worry about as we’ll either be on the sand or on a boat enjoying our time together.

What will the weather be like?
October is the perfect time to go to Monterey…even over summertime! The days are calm, warm, and sunny. This makes our time on the sea much more enjoyable!

I want IN! How does the deposit work?
Because it’s a small, intimate group with limited spots, we want to make sure you’re committed. By giving us a deposit, you’ll guarantee your spot and block anyone else from taking it. If you drop, that wouldn’t be cool to them. You’ll then be on a payment plan to cover the remaining balance.

Can I bring a friend or my spouse?
Of course! What better way to ensure you have a strong support system going after the empowered life you want than to include those closest to you! Friends who grow together, stay together! 😉

You’ll also have your own private room together.

Bring a friend and you’ll get a group discount of $250!

What if I don't want to share a room?
I know you like your privacy and may feel uncomfortable sharing a room with someone you don’t know. I encourage you to try it out as I’ve met some incredible life-long friends this way!!

If you’re still against sharing, we’re happy to book your own private room for an additional $500.

How do I get to Monterey?
There is a small regional airport in Monterey (MRY). It is more expensive than flying into a major airport. Airlines that fly there are American, United, Alaska, and Allegiant.

You can fly into San Jose (SJC) or San Francisco (SFO) for much better deals on flights.

From there, you can rent a car or take a shuttle to Monterey via the Monterey Airbus.

It’s easy to get to Monterey! Simply hop on 101 South to HWY 156.


Your Investment: $1997  $1697 (Introductory Deal!)  

Bring a friend or spouse for an additional group discount of $200!

2 Payment Plan Option Available with $500 NON-Refundable Deposit

SPOTS ARE LIMITED. Lock in your spot with a $500 deposit immediately. You will kick yourself if it fills up before you decide to commit!

Payment Options
Got questions before you signup? No problem! Schedule a time for a quick chat here.

What if I had a magic wand and could give you….




These are the some of the average RESULTS past full-week retreat participants have experienced in their businesses. But that’s not all… they also saw…









They also experienced this in their personal lives!

I’m Ready, Tami!


Your Investment: $1997  $1697 (Introductory Deal!)  

Bring a friend or spouse for an additional group discount of $200!

2 Payment Plan Option Available with $500 NON-Refundable Deposit

SPOTS ARE LIMITED. Lock in your spot with a $500 deposit immediately. You will kick yourself if it fills up before you decide to commit!

Payment Options
Got questions before you signup? No problem! Schedule a time for a quick chat here.

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