Taking the Lead in Chaos

6 Weeks Intensive Training with

New times call for new moves! Program starts April 6th!

In times of uncertainty, it’s more important than ever that you step up to lead. You’re here because of what could be many reasons, but most importantly you have an incredible challenge ahead of you that you’d really like to have the support of myself and your peers in the next 6 weeks… 

My friend, YOU are not in this alone!

Everyone is wondering what life will look like moving forward. Many people are in a ‘wait and see’ holding pattern.


First things first, watch this video: 

How It Works:

It’s very simple – you are going to get placed on a railway track of intense focus to overcome the challenges we all face right now in these times of uncertainty and set you up for an incredible rebound.

I’ve developed a new support system specifically for the volatility we find ourselves in, to help you take action and step up into the leader you already are. Like any strategic move in the military, we’re kicking off Operation Badass to get your train set on the right track, keeping you moving forward, and building up your defenses, then I put a support structure around you for the next 6 weeks to make sure you keep your head in the game. 

The purpose for this is three-fold:

  1. To help you maintain a healthy mindset in these times of turmoil.

  2. To help you build trusted relationships for a solid foundation of support and be a positive example for others.

  3. To help you take bold actions to continue to moving forward while helping others.

Add to that the ability to connect with a handful of other driven service-based entrepreneurs, work closely with me and a system that’s been proven to transform lives.

It’s time to take the lead!

How WE Will Make It Happen:

This is the logistical part of how we’re going to advise, coach and support you.

In the discussions I’ve had with high-performers, they have been struggling to maintain a positive mindset, fear making the wrong decisions, and have an aching need to be helpful instead of feeling helpless.

Time-Frame: 6 weeks of daily Zoom calls M-F at 1pm MST (with changes coming at us rapidly, we have to be able to adapt and overcome quickly)

Start Date: April 6th. (The world needs more positive leaders lighting the way for others, so there’s no time to wait!)

End Date: May 15th. (Long enough to keep us moving forward through the most challenging times.)

  • 6 Week Training Program following my 6 Step Plan to Command Your Mind and take action.
  • Daily Group Calls With Tami and your peers. (These are for training, support, action taking, habit development and coaching.)
  • Expert Guest Interviews – I’m tapping into my amazing network to bring the best of the best…from the Pentagon to the online space to the travel industry. It’s time to rally the troops!
  • Facebook Group. (For on-going accessibility and connection.)

Listen to what Derek has to say about working with Tami!

Derek is a family man, Marine, and owns multiple businesses. Hear what he had to say about his experience working with Tami in a past group program called The Ultimate Force. 

While the training and the topics are different, my approach is the same PEOPLE FIRST! 

Let’s LEAD together!

Training Details

Join me April 6, 2020 for an incredible 6 weeks of intensive training and support!

Leaders know that in times like this, you need to be flexible and adapt quickly. That doesn’t mean it’s easy!

It takes courage to make bold decisions to keep moving forward. The mental challenges will come up on a daily basis.

Adapt and overcome is the name of the game!

These 6 weeks of DAILY LIVE Zoom calls with Tami and a small group of your peers will be your stabilizing force. It’ll allow you to remain cool, calm and collected to do what needs to be done each day.

To help you do that, I’ve put together a 6 Step Plan to help you command your mind and keep your head in the game.

Mission Readiness – Marines know you have to be ready for anything. This crisis has shown how quickly everything can change around us. Can you adapt and be ready fast? We’ll make sure you can!

Fighting Force Framework – This is the time to lean on your relationships more than ever AND to be there for them. When shit hits the fan, who do you want around you to move forward? It’s time to build your force into an elite circle.

Forward Operating Base – A good leader can shape future success well before the first step outside friendly lines” – USMC We’re going to bend the will of our futures as much as possible and prepare for a speedy rebound.

Taking the Lead – These times are going to be a separator. Do you want to sit on the sidelines or do you want to step up and be the calm in the storm? Your presence will speak volumes right now and it’s time to share your light.

Shock and Awe Arsenal – You’ll discover you have built up a whole toolbox and resources to get through the most challenging times. These will be your secret weapons moving forward.

Heroic Handbook – When the dust settles, you’ll be ahead of everyone who waited it out. This will help you build the momentum to keep moving forward. You are the hero of your life.

Trainings will be LIVE via Zoom Monday through Friday at 1PM MST. All trainings will be recorded. April 6th – May 15th

You’ll also be able to connect with other like-minded driven entrepreneurs and professionals going through the training in our private Facebook community.


In times of uncertainty, it’s crucial to band together.

Guest Expert Interviews

I’m rallying my friends to help you in these crazy times we’re living in. Here’s some of the amazing people I’ll be interviewing during our 6 weeks together.

Lt. Col. Tres Smith - USMC (ret.)

Lt. Col. Tres Smith retired from the Marine Corps in 2018 after 23 years. He currently works for the Office of the Secretary of Defense serving as Deputy Director for policy within Homeland Defense and Global Security.

During his time in the Marine Corps, he was a combat helicopter pilot, commanding officer of HMLA-369, and ended his military career at the Pentagon in the Joint Staff-J3 as the Joint Operations/Theatre Security Branch Chief.

Among his many decorations, he was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross with combat distinguishing service, a Bronze Star, and Purple Heart.

I can’t think of anyone better to talk to you about leadership and resilience than Tres!

Natalie Gingrich, CEO of The Ops Authority

Natalie Gingrich is the world-changing operations mentor and founder of the Director of Operations Certification.

After spending 15 years in corporate at a Fortune 150 company, she dove into entrepreneurship leveraging her project management certification and skills for high-level relationships in the online and small business worlds.

She now spends her business life on stages and in high-level masterminds cultivating relationships with the influencers that need the exact kind of support taught in her Director of Operations Certification Program.

Natalie is one of the most delightful entrepreneurs I know who will give it to us straight when it comes to dealing with operations during these uncertain times.


James Jacobi, Executive Advisor and Sales Strategist

James Jacobi is the Founder and President of Jacobi Enterprises, co-Founder of Ardor Learning, and creator of Morris Growth Con.  He is the author of the bestselling book Radical Integrity: 7 Breakthrough Strategies on Transforming Your Business, Sales and Life.

As a business strategist and executive advisor, James helps companies achieve accelerated revenue growth towards becoming an 8 or 9 figure enterprise.  He does this through helping them upscale their value, credibility and positioning in their marketplace, transforming their sales and marketing strategy, and leveraging proven systems for sustainability and scale.

James will be bringing the heat to help you get your mind around sales in this environment.

Dr. Heather Denniston, Founder of WELLFITAndFED

Dr. Heather Denniston is the CEO and Founder of WELLFITAndFED and the host of The Junk You Should Know Show. 

She is a seasoned chiropractor with specializations in pediatrics, pregnancy and a certification in wellness chiropractic (CCWP).

Heather is an avid athlete, health enthusiast and writer who has a passion for inspiring people of all ages to take first steps toward realizing their greatness within. Through online content, public speaking and coaching, Heather shares wellness, fitness, and nutrition expertise for those looking for deeper change.

You’ll love Heather’s energy and I can’t wait for her to share her expert knowledge on the effects of wellness on your success.

Jordon Daniel, Regional Leadership for Team Rubicon

Jordon Daniel is a Navy veteran and on the regional leadership team for Team Rubicon.

Team Rubicon is a charity founded by two Marines who specializes in disaster response.

Veterans have skills that translate well to a highly reactive disaster situation, so they formed the charity to help them continue to serve.

Both civilians and veterans come together to make an impact in their communities when disaster strikes.

Team Rubicon is stepping up to help the  nation in our current crisis.

Jordon will be joining us to talk about their mission and ways you can get involved.

Jill Canning, Founder of Jill Beth Travel

As owner and travel advisor at Jill Beth Travel, Jill Canning provides custom itinerary design and expert travel consultation.

With over 20 years of travel industry experience, Jill collaborates with her destination partners and hoteliers around the world to create one-of-a-kind vacations and retreats.

Her trusted attention to detail removes the stress of planning, and give her clients their time back.  

I can’t wait for you to meet Jill and learn how you can prepare for future travel and events. 

The travel industry has been one of the hardest hit, but when things rebound, you’ll be ready!

It is absolutely a game changing experience when working with you.

You are dedicated to your person/people and are invested in their win. That is huge! 
I gained a deeper and better understanding of time management which is awesome for me. I also liked the self-confidence boost I was able to achieve. 
I love being able to be myself and you make people feel very comfortable with being who you are. The way you present your material is so easy to understand - it's real and it's applicable.
Laura W.

CEO and Owner, Advanced Medical House Calls and Dementia Care Academy

Meet Tami

“To live a vibrant life, you must first find your courage.”

From the Marine Corps to Mentor, Tami McVay knows what courage it takes to keep driving to make YOUR life and the lives of the people around you BETTER. With her military background, 20 years in corporate IT, online entrepreneurship, and decades of personal development, it’s rare to find an expert to encompass such a diverse playing field. Tami’s passion for health and fitness, dedication to service through charity, and travels around the world result in a vibrant life well lived. Tami supports driven entrepreneurs and professionals who are ready to up their game…personally, mentally, professionally… and need a little help to take it to the next level. Her motto: Lead by Lifestyle!

Training Investment

Have questions? No problem! Click here to send your questions to Tami.

This is for you if…

  • You’re done wondering what you’ll do right now while everything is shifting.
  • You’ve had enough of being indecisive and feeling anxious.
  • You know you want to help the situation, but not sure what the right moves are.
  • You believe there are opportunities out there right now, even if you can’t see them.
  • You want to be a part of something bigger than yourself.
  • You believe positivity should be a core value of everyone.
  • You don’t want to become stagnant when you know you’re meant to lead.

Our future is unpredictable, but you can prepare yourself for a rebound. Imagine if you had results like past clients: 




These are the some of the average RESULTS past clients have experienced in their businesses. But that’s not all… they also saw…




They also experienced this in their personal lives!






I’m Ready, Tami!

Have questions? No problem! Click here to send your questions to Tami.

Tami changed the way that I look at life and gave me the courage to step into the unknown.

I can not say enough about Tami and her fantastic coaching skills and her heart to help others reach their goals and stay focused on their desires!!!

Tami helped me dig deep and find what really lights the fire of my soul desires. She helped me with tools that I had no idea were what I needed.

Thank you, Tami for believing in me, seeing my potential and reminding me that I can do anything in this lifetime and it doesn’t have to be that difficult.

Tawnja M.

Oroville, CA

You have a lot of great ideas and strategy about working out, tech, business and life.

I love your enthusiasm and knowledge. You know what you’re talking about! I love talking to you and feeling motivated. You are organized, resourceful and knowledgeable. Also friendly and practical.

People should know that you’re a no-nonsense, get to the bottom of things kind of person with great ideas and tons of practical knowledge. And you’re awesome!

Renee F.

Chicago, IL, Dating Coach and Owner, Renee Suzanne Coaching

Tami was the compass I needed to help me regroup & recalibrate then choose a direction(s) I wanted to pursue, with personalization & authenticity.

Tami brought a new perspective to my life in a time I needed it the most. I was spinning my wheels, fresh out of a relationship break-up, unhappy in my job, in a bit of a personal fog and having lost track of what purpose I was bringing to my life.

I’m still in massive disbelief I have landed my DREAM job and cannot thank Tami enough for challenging me to not only see my value in both IT and the coaching worlds, but to actually believe in it. This concept alone has improved my wellbeing & self-confidence incredibly. Tami is amazing!

Keri M.

Vancouver, BC, IT Director and Owner of , Avid Earthling