Most days we’re busy doing our thing…running errands, going to work, hanging out with friends… and we don’t give much thought to our thoughts.

When someone asks how we are, we simply start talking and tell them our latest happenings. When you repeat that story enough times, whether aloud or in your head, it begins to shape your days.

Your story can be extremely detrimental to your health and be stealing your happiness. If you continually talk about how stressed you are, complain about your boss, and feel like you have a mile long To Do list, it can add stress, anxiety, and guilt!

Guilt that you’re not doing enough. Guilt that you’re neglecting your family if you take care of yourself. Anxiety because there isn’t enough time in the day. All that adds up to STRESS!

In this video, I share some examples of how this stress and these seemingly simply stories can impact you and my personal story.

How Do You Relieve Stress?

One of the fastest ways to relieve stress is to change your story. It can be as simple as STOP saying you’re stressed! Your subconscious hears you and will continue to create stress.

If it’s a much bigger problem that’s causing you stress and anxiety, you may have to do some soul searching. Decide what you WANT your story to be. Once you have that, you can put all of your energy and focus on creating your new story.

The important thing is to decide and be OK with that decision. It will bring you peace in a way you didn’t realize.

Remember, YOU get to decide your story and your destiny. Own the choice you make. You can always adjust later!

Where Focus Goes, Energy Flows

This quote from Tony Robbins is one of my favorites. It has a simplistic power to it. Focus on what you want and change the story in your head to match. Here’s a great article from the man himself on making decisions.

Take Action Now

If you’re struggling with your story and don’t know where to begin, let’s chat. I am here to support you in loving your lifestyle. If that lifestyle isn’t feeding you in the way you want, it’s time to take some REAL ACTION!

Tell me in the comments below what you love or hate about the story you tell yourself. I want to hear!

Photo credit: ©Depositphotos/@andresr