As with many things in our life, we make them more difficult than they should be. Some times the smallest little tweak can make all the difference in our success.

Many times we can’t see it ourselves, but when someone points it out, you slap your forehead and think “Duh! Why didn’t I realize that?!”

Running and exercise is no exception. The smallest tweak can make us faster, more efficient, and most importantly…GET BETTER RESULTS!

5 Running Tips for Speed and Efficiency

I worked with a running coach years ago when I decided I wanted to do triathlons. I learned so much and think of her words even when I manage to get outside for a jog today!

That’s when you know they were Words of Gold and deserve repeating!

Watch this video to learn 5 running tips to become a more efficient runner and become FASTER! (Tweet that!)

All the little things add up, my friends!

Take Action Now

Tell me in the comments below which of the running tips made you do the ‘forehead slap’ and let me know how it goes when you implement it! I’m always here to chat!

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