When someone is happy all the time, people start to question whether or not they are being fake. Come on! How could they possibly be that happy alllll of the time?

You’ve probably seen the Halloween graphic going around on Facebook that says “This year I’m going to be the person I pretend to be on Facebook.

If you put on a happy face when you have a rough day, are you really being fake? Or do you feel fake because you aren’t sharing all of the stuff that’s going on with you?

The Silver Lining

After having a discussion with a client about having bad days, I started thinking about what I project out into the world and what I see from others.

The people in our world only know what we show them. What are you showing them? (Tweet that!)

Does it feel authentic? Are you hiding from them?

For me, it’s all about looking at the silver lining. Do you have the same outlook?

Take a look at this week’s video and you’ll see that you really have no reason feel fake if you keep a positive spirit. And you’ll learn how to be authentic when things get tough!

Take Action Now

Tell me in the comments below in what area of your life you want to practice looking at the silver lining. What do you need to learn from and let go of?

I want to hear about it! And if you need to chat, I’m here!

Photo Credit: ©Depositphotos/@minervastock