I didn’t grow up traveling the world. My biggest excursions were road trips from California to Washington in the summers to see my Grandma.

For some reason, I always wanted to go to Australia (still haven’t been!), but other than that, I never really fantasized about traveling either.

The world felt too ‘big’ and intimidating. Besides, travel was for rich people, right?

Do you dream of traveling the world?

When I moved to Colorado in 1994, I was fortunate to become close friends with some pretty cool people. We were always looking for the next adventure.

I am sooo incredibly grateful for them to opening my eyes to the possibilities!

Traveling the world really does wonders for your soul. It’s rejuvenating. It gives you new perspectives. You see people in a different light.

You may even appreciate where you are in your life and your home more. Gratitude is your gift.

Even when I wasn’t making much money, I always seemed to make it work.

In this video, I hope to open your eyes too! I want you to see that you can make things happen and it’s not as impossible as it may feel.

Take Action Now

Step out of your comfort zone and stop saying “some day…”! Tell me in the comments below what trip you are going to make happen this next year. Make me jealous!!

Photo credit: © Depositphotos/@ml12nan