About Tami McVay

I believe you already have the power within you to create a vibrant life...now it's your turn to believe.

What’s Holding You Back?

You’re here because something is holding you back from living the life you want to live. Is it your obligations? Paralyzed by fear and self doubt? Lack of belief and support to get you there?

Or you simply don’t know HOW to get it?!

You are in the right place, my friend!

What does it really take to live committed, confident, and courageous?

Let me tell you…

Mind In the Game

The biggest obstacle for most people is how they think about themselves, their life, and opportunities.

It’s critical you feed your mind with tools to move you closer to the life you’re craving.

When you can train your mind like you do a new puppy, you’ll see a world of possibilities open up to you!

Lead With Heart

You’re constantly bombarded with technology, information, and other people’s needs.

It’s easy to lose yourself in the chaos.

Checking in with how you want to feel, giving generously, and recognizing how amazing life can be is the only way to fulfillment.

Keys to Success

High performers know the keys to success lie in the fundamentals.

Your body is your vehicle and you have to rev the engine now and then to feel ALIVE.

Your routines can serve you or destroy you. And your growth hinges on you taking back control of your own life.

Live Differently

To go after what you want, people may not be able to understand. You have to get comfortable with standing out.

How do I know? Being a woman Marine puts me in a category all my own… we are only .0003% of the population!

Every day you have the choice to live differently from the status quo. Choose YOU and never apologize for being who you are!


Surround yourself with people who believe in your power and teach you how to get the life you want. I’ve made some amazing connections and continually learn from the best!

Live Courageously

When you take it to the next level, it can get incredibly uncomfortable.

I’m here to tell you it’s soooo much better than living a life of complacency!

If you want MORE out of your life, you have to tap into a courage you didn’t even know you had because comfort will kill your dreams.

Whether it’s taking a risk to go after the love of your life, a fulfilling career, or traveling for an adventure, you will have fear. Use it to fuel you!

Because the greatest risk in life is to not live up to your potential!

My Story

When the loss of four friends happened within one year, I was reminded how precious our time is and nothing is guaranteed.

I had been craving something MORE in my life for some time. I wanted something that brought out the best in me and allowed me to interact with people in a more rewarding way.

Writing code and managing projects as a senior software developer in my cubicle all day was no longer serving me. The problem…I had gotten really comfortable in my secure corporate job making great money.

I had accomplished some pretty cool things…was the project manager and lead developer of a global expense reporting software that processed over $1 billion dollars in it’s lifetime.

I was invited to speak at the Microsoft Professional Developer’s Conference in front of an audience of 3500 people talking about our use of their cutting edge software.

So after successfully rolling out the most stressful project of my I.T. career (a time reporting application where 22,000 paychecks were relying on our team delivering), I made the decision to walk away from the company I had worked for 20 years.

Because I’m always so positive, I shocked everyone! It wasn’t so much that I wasn’t happy. The chapter had run its course and I was ready to live up to my greatest potential.

On my terms.

I had taken plenty of risks in the past…from joining the Marine Corps at 17, walking away from a good, yet unsatisfying, long term relationship, and traveling around the world doing crazy adventures, but this felt different.

This was pure free-falling from the one secure thing that I knew. Defining what I wanted to do, how I wanted to work, where I wanted to work, and how I could contribute…it was pure freedom and terrifying all-in-one.

The best part was that I could combine every single one of my strengths and decades of experience to pour into my clients. I was built to serve!

All those years that I had been working in corporate, I had been spending my evenings and weekends doing things for ME.

I studied personal development from books, to classes, to week long retreats.

I got my personal trainer and health coach certifications to understand the body, have better workouts, and live healthy. Constantly learning about health trends and the science behind it.

Got in the best shape of my life in my 40s! (Yes, even compared to my time in the Marine Corps!)

I became a sponge for all things in online entrepreneurship. From social media to sales and marketing. Thankfully my background in tech made this part easy!

Because of my drive to create the life I wanted to have, it required me to become an expert across many areas. My Marine Corps mindset of resiliency, adapting, and conquering has allowed me to make it all a reality!

I’m a dog lover, volunteer for charities whenever I can, and spend my free time doing fun activities with friends like biking, snowboarding, and adventure races.

I live in Colorado and jetset across the globe whenever possible taking professionals and business owners who are ready to take it to the next level with me.


I’m living my adventure! Are you ready to live yours?