One of the Few


Do You Have What It Takes?

There are a lot of strong people with weak foundations. If you truly want to lead people and bring out the best in them, we’ve got to bring out the best in you.

🛑 You can be in charge of people and not be a leader.
🛑 You can be busy and not have freedom.
🛑 You can be healthy and not be strong.
🛑 You can have financial success and not have fulfillment.

Listen, it may have started with the Marine Corps for me at 17 years old, but it’s taken a hell of a lot of discipline, courage, and growth to continue to build upon that foundation and create a dynamic life full of impact and adventure.

I’ve learned you have to be ready for anything…obstacles, set backs, and opportunities. The stronger you are…mentally, physically, spiritually…the faster you’ll move.

And when you’re ready, you can execute…with precision and purpose. That’s where your real impact will be!

I’m in charge of building the strongest humans imaginable – ready for war. Because life is a war every day. Are you going to be first to fight for the results you want? And do so while earning respect?

You can be one of the masses, one of the asses, or One of the Few®!

The choice is yours.

Becoming a powerful leader in your life will open doors to things you never thought possible.

You get to define what that looks like for you…

  • Do you want to be One of the Few® successful companies to help your employees meet their personal needs and build unwavering loyalty?
  • Do you want to be One of the Few® who travel the world and make a positive impact to everyone that crosses your path?
  • Do you want to be One of the Few® women CEOs leading a Fortune 500 company?
  • Do you want to be One of the Few® to get a master’s degree in your family?
  • Do you want to be One of the Few® moms of 5 children who is in the best shape of her life?

All of these require discipline, strength, and being decisive. When you do it with positivity and empowering others along the way, you’ll be living the lifestyle you never thought was possible.

If you want to be One of the Few®, you have to EARN it!

Kayak in Jamaica | Tami McVay | Marine Veteran | High Performance Mentor


Your ultimate success requires stretching yourself. Mentally, physically, emotionally.

Escape on an adventure retreat with Tami to see what you’re capable of, disconnect from your every day demands, and discover how bold you were meant to live.

One of the Few | Tami McVay | Marine Veteran | High Performance Mentor


Building a Marine mindset is required for you to unleash the leader within so you can be the example and serve others in the most powerful, compassionate way.

Elite online training to accelerate your results. Start living the life you’re secretly craving without giving up your health and success.

Tami Speaking | Tami McVay | Marine Veteran | High Performance Mentor


Living committed to your best life possible takes hard work and discipline. Every risk, every fear, every step you conquer makes the rewards all worth while.

Private consulting and mentorship for professionals and companies who are ready to up their game.

Hi, I’m Tami!

From the Marine Corps to Mentor, I know what courage, confidence, and commitment it takes to keep driving to make YOUR life and the lives of the people around you BETTER.

With my military background, 20 years in corporate IT, and now an online entrepreneur, it’s rare to find an expert to encompass such a diverse playing field.

My passion for health and fitness, dedication to service through charity, and travels around the world result in a vibrant life well lived.

My motto: Lead by Lifestyle!

I’m on a mission to Build the Few to Impact the Many.


Explore What Life Could Be

Top Secret Adventures | Tami McVay | Marine Veteran | High Performance Mentor

Adventures like no other!

Everyone wants to be a Marine for a day (or a Navy Seal, Army Ranger, Captain America, Wonder pick your superhero!)

You know you have more strength buried within you. The question is...HOW do you draw that out??

You’ve always wanted to do something unique…adventurous…exciting… I got you!

I'm building a strong army of people who live life with a positive vengeance. True leaders with a calm confidence, ready for anything, making an impact and having FUN while we're at it!


Tami's exclusive One-of-a-Kind top secret experiences are meant to challenge and invigorate you in a whole new way...

Live Differently

Imagine having the courage to go against the “norm”, the confidence to ask for what you want, and the commitment to see it through.

Successful leaders do this EVERY day.

Why NOT You?

It is absolutely a game changing experience when working with you.

You are dedicated to your person/people and are invested in their win. That is huge! 
I gained a deeper and better understanding of time management which is awesome for me. I also liked the self-confidence boost I was able to achieve. 
I love being able to be myself and you make people feel very comfortable with being who you are. The way you present your material is so easy to understand - it's real and it's applicable.
Laura W.

CEO and Owner, Advanced Medical House Calls and Dementia Care Academy

Tami on Couch | One of the Few | Tami McVay | Marine Veteran | High Performance Mentor
Tami in Brazil | One of the Few | Tami McVay | Marine Veteran | High Performance Mentor
Tami Be Good to People | One of the Few | Tami McVay | Marine Veteran | High Performance Mentor

Jump Start Your Journey

You don’t need more information, you need insight.
Rise and Contribute!

Rise and Contribute!

I received a message from a guy who asked "what happens if everyone around you gets pissed that you want more for your life?" My first thought was 'Get new people!', but answered with a little more tact. 😉 After giving his question some consideration, I told him the...

Forget how to feel?

Forget how to feel?

Have you ever gotten a promotion and then over time realized that the new role sucked? I have. And it's not a good feeling. If you step back down, you feel like a failure (even if that's not the case). So you grind it out feeling resentful until a new opportunity...

Tami changed the way that I look at life and gave me the courage to step into the unknown.

I can not say enough about Tami and her fantastic coaching skills and her heart to help others reach their goals and stay focused on their desires!!!

Tami helped me dig deep and find what really lights the fire of my soul desires. She helped me with tools that I had no idea were what I needed.

Thank you, Tami for believing in me, seeing my potential and reminding me that I can do anything in this lifetime and it doesn’t have to be that difficult.

Tawnja M.

Oroville, CA

You have a lot of great ideas and strategy about working out, tech, business and life.

I love your enthusiasm and knowledge. You know what you’re talking about! I love talking to you and feeling motivated. You are organized, resourceful and knowledgeable. Also friendly and practical.

People should know that you’re a no-nonsense, get to the bottom of things kind of person with great ideas and tons of practical knowledge. And you’re awesome!

Renee F.

Chicago, IL, Dating Coach and Owner, Renee Suzanne Coaching

Tami was the compass I needed to help me regroup & recalibrate then choose a direction(s) I wanted to pursue, with personalization & authenticity.

Tami brought a new perspective to my life in a time I needed it the most. I was spinning my wheels, fresh out of a relationship break-up, unhappy in my job, in a bit of a personal fog and having lost track of what purpose I was bringing to my life.

I’m still in massive disbelief I have landed my DREAM job and cannot thank Tami enough for challenging me to not only see my value in both IT and the coaching worlds, but to actually believe in it. This concept alone has improved my wellbeing & self-confidence incredibly. Tami is amazing!

Keri M.

Vancouver, BC, IT Director and Owner of , Avid Earthling