A big part of self-awareness is reflecting regularly. The only way we can know who we truly are and discover the life lessons we’re meant to learn is to pause and listen to our hearts.Whether that’s when something bad happens or a a new year starts, I reflect and decide what lessons life delivered to me. When I take the time to do that through journaling or even on the treadmill at the gym, I can be grateful and also know what I have to do to be better next time!

Here are my 7 Life Lessons from 2015. Perhaps they will resonate with you and you can learn from my lesson!

Life Lesson #1

Action is the cure to fear. Many times we’re afraid, so we procrastinate. We find other things to occupy our time. Meanwhile, that goal or To Do is lingering over us like a black cloud.
Here I am….you still want to achieve me….what are you waiting for?
And then that only makes us feel worse. We downward spiral into this negative place. Once you take action, you realize “Hey, that wasn’t so bad.” and your confidence improves. By the third time you take action, you’ll wonder why you waited so long. It’s magic!

Life Lesson #2

People want you to succeed. I can’t tell you how many times I hear from other entrepreneurs “How can I support you?”  It’s totally refreshing!
I remember the first person that said this to me. She was a real estate agent. I probably looked at her like she had two heads!
Inside I had to pause as I had these thoughts of “Why would you want to help me?!?” Now I ask that question ALL the time with friends, clients, peers. It’s how life should be.

Life Lesson #3

Never be in a romantic relationship with someone who is chronically overwhelmed. It’s fucking exhausting.
At first, you won’t notice. Then you’ll realize you start commiserating with them as a way to connect. You’ll eventually get sucked into their crap.
Life is short. Love more. Complain less. (Tweet that!)

Life Lesson #4

The more you push through fears, the easier it is to take risks. You may be surprised to know that I don’t consider myself a risk taker.
Yes, I am a Marine. Yes, I walked away from 6 figures to follow my dream. No, I don’t think I’m a risk taker. Ha!
But sometimes you have to just fucking do it. (My 2016 phrase of the year, btw!)
The funny thing is that when you consistently take risks, the less you care about fear and use it to fuel you.
Gas up, baby! 2016 is going to be EPIC!

Life Lesson #5

If you want to look and feel your best, you HAVE to be diligent with your nutrition. Period.

The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison. – Ann Wigmore

 Yes, there is a whole lot more to life than just food. But when you start there, it makes all the difference. You’ll have more energy. You won’t have to take a bunch of medications. You save money on other things. You’ll be able to think more clearly.
It snowballs!

Life Lesson #6

Always be learning. I can’t tell you how much I have learned this year! It’s totally necessary when you’re running your own business. But that’s not my point….
I discovered (or rediscovered, really) is that I thrive when learning.
When you learn, you grow. You’re less likely to stay in a rut or feel bored with your life.
Find something fun that you’ve always wanted to try and TRY IT!

Life Lesson #7

Always be connecting. When I was at my corporate job and working for the same company for eons, I never paid attention to LinkedIn. I very rarely went to networking events.
I didn’t really have a need since I wasn’t job hunting. Or so I thought…
In this past year, I’ve grown my network by 264%! And I’ve met some extremely fascinating people. People that I would have loved to have known even if I stayed at my corporate job.
Take for example…the woman who followed her dream to start an adventure travel company for women. Uh, hello? I LOVE to travel and did so regularly.
Or Kimra Luna…the woman who practices law of attraction and manifests her dreams like a mofo. She went from welfare to a million dollars in a year! Showing that this “woo woo” shit really does work when you take action with laser focus! How can you not be inspired to do the same?!
Just remember that YOU ARE YOUR OWN BRAND always. Regardless of what company you work for or if you have your own business, keep connecting and working on YOU.
No matter what circumstances bring, you’ll always have opportunities if you’re ready and you’re open to receiving them!

Take Action Now

Tell me in the comments below which life lesson resonated with you. What are you going to do to take action on it TODAY? Be sure to share any lessons you discovered last year!
Photo credit: ©Depositphotos.com/@SergeyNivens