Isn’t it time you are proactive in your own life instead of reactive?

You’ve done the things you’re supposed to do, right?  You’re in a good relationship, maybe even have 2.5 kids, like your job ‘just enough‘, and run the household.  Isn’t that the perfect life?

But is that really YOU?

Life happened and now you’re feeling a little uninspired.  Maybe you put on a few pounds, maybe even a few more,  and you’re thinking that this is how it is now that you’re moving into “midlife”.

I say, “Screw that!! ”

You deserve better.

You are every bit the vital woman that you want to be.  It’s time to tap back into her!  Show her the life she deserves, and to hear her own laughter again.

  • You CAN reclaim your health and vitality
  • You CAN create the life you desire
  • You CAN rediscover who you really are

Every day we make thousands of choices.  Today is the day that you choose YOU!

What I do with you is Wellness Coaching…what is wellness coaching?  It’s about looking at the big picture of your life, tapping into how you want to feel,  allowing you to hear your own voice again, and finding ways to improve your overall well-being.

Whether you are looking for support and clarity on overcoming an obstacle, achieving a goal, nutrition guidance, or straight-up fitness advice, I am here to work with you!

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